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Groom Suites: Where To Get Ready If Your Venue's Groom Suite Isn't Big Enough or Doesn't Offer One

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

In a world where Bridal Suites are now highly stylized and are often bright, white and beautiful, far too often the guys space is left wanting - if there is an "official" space for them at all.

Now don't get me wrong, before the 2000s wedding photographers did mostly focus on only capturing those moments of the bride getting ready, but baby - that was more then 20 years ago.

So what should you do if you find that the space for your groom and his crew is either too little, too dark or basically just nonexistent?

In the past, brides and wedding planners had turned to near by hotel rooms to accommodate large bridal parties or to play host for the groom and his crew. But too those hotel choices are pretty limited depending on the venue's location. Further more, unless you're booking a full suite at a more luxurious hotel, they tend to only offer one window, one bathroom and two queen beds for everyone to just throw their stuff on. A dream getting ready spot, it doth not make.

Queue the AirBnBs, Vrbo* and other house renting apps of the world that tend to offer more light, better style vibes and a whole heck of a lot more room for everyone to spread out and get ready in.

And did I mention they often cost the same or less then one of those dark, dank hotel rooms alternatives?!

Don't believe me? Check out some of the rental options just a stones throw from some of Indiana's most popular venues including: Maple Lane, White Willow Farms, Mustard Seed Gardens & Sylvan Cellars.

*Not a paid sponsorship for AirBnB, Vrbo or other rental apps.

See What I Mean?

So if you're struggling with finding the right spot or the right amount of space for your bridal party to get ready, don't limit yourself to only hotels. Be sure to check out alternative options near by to ensure everyone has the space the need to get ready, have fun and start the day off right.

p.s. Your photographer and/or Videographer will also thank you as well.

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