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Indy Family Photographer | Noblesville Wild Flower Mommy & Me Session | Summer

With the instagram preview posted earlier this week, I shared that the last time I had seen this sweet little girl, before this session it was winter. It was cold. And oh baby were their crockdile tears flowing.

But seriously, who could blaim her, it was nearly Christmas and it was FREEZING here in Indiana. So after working through a new game plan we met back up a few months later on a warm Indiana summer night to give it another shot...and boy did our patience pay off.

Funny enough, our winter family session was actually planned for the same location, but I think these wildflowers and sweet cuddles were worth the wait for summer... don't you?

This sweet girl and I had a ton of fun together, dancing around mommy during the shoot. First off Momma was KILLIN' those yellow pants when they arrived, then next thing I know this little sweet heart is giving me hugs and waiving "hi" at pass-er-bys on the nature trail.

She was such a good sport, I ended up holding her on my hip for a few shots of Momma, where I let her release the shutter on my camera...which of course seemed like the COOLEST thing ever to this little tot, as the camera clicked and a photo magically appeared on the screen.

Seriously 'yall. This family is so sweet, I can't wait for our next play date together! I'm can't wait to see what mom shows up in next! WOW!

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