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Indy Family Photography | Fall Orchard Session @ Tuttle Farms | Haluska Family

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Had enough of the orchard cuties yet? I didn't think so.

On this hot fall day [seriously...85 degrees in September!] we had a double-header out at #TuttleOrchard. After finishing up a session with these sweet girls it was off to the barn for a quick frozen apple cider slushy (can you tell i L-O-V-E these yet?) and then on to transition towards "snakes, snails & [the cutest-of course] puppy dog tails" with Little D and his sweet family.

fall family photo session at apple orchard in Indianapolis

Very quickly I could quickly tell this little one was all about #momma that day, so we had worked in several #MomyandMe kind of shots to keep the little guy comfortable! At HashTag we NEVER want to push a toddler into something that makes them uncomfortable. Plus babies don't stay cuddly forever and I'm sure momma will be eating up these memories in the not too far off future.

how to dress a toddler boy for family photos

After all, isn't this how she'll remember her baby? I know it's how I remember mine!

mommy snuggles of toddler at family photo shoot at Tuttle Orchards

...and of course we couldn't forget Daddy! The little guy might have been holding on to Momma most of the session but you can't deny the love and connection you can see between them all! This family is truly blessed.

fall engagement photos in Indianapolis at Tuttle Orchard

fall family photos in Indianapolis at Tuttle Orchard

And finally after some yummy snacks, a bit of time to build trust & a few little games, the little guy finally come out of his shell just long enough for me to meet the little spirited Mr. D that Momma & Daddy are so crazy about! See for yourself...

Toddler family photos at Tuttle Orchard by HashTag Memories Photography

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