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Nanomoons Taking Brides By Storm | A Guide for 2021 Honeymooning in the age of Covid

If there is anything the 2020 Pandemic has taught us it's that life still goes on... even when the world attempts to stand still.

Babies are born, families celebrate holidays (even if it is via Zoom) and couples everywhere are proving that love still conquers all.

Therefor, just as many 2020 brides were asked to first post pone their weddings and then perhaps reschedule again, so too are couples starting to tie the knot with more humor and less pomp and circumstance then their predecessors, only months before them.

Just as micro breweries have taken so many grooms' tastes by storm over the last 5 years, so too have micro weddings began to set the tone for many 2021 Brides -- and with them, the introduction of a Nanomoon.

Nanomoon: Emerging trend for 2021 brides, in which larger more robust honeymoon plans are postponed to a later date and instead replaced with smaller, often adventure based trips.

I mean sure the Amafi Coast in Italy sounds great... but with travel restrictions what they are and conditions being as they may, who wants to (or can even legally) board an airplane with hundreds of other people crammed in like sardines, just to be quarantined most of your trip (hello Hawaii) -- or worse yet, be turned away at Customs trying to get into Eurpoe.

Nope, nope, nope. Instead savvy 2021 newlyweds are opting to save the stress, exposure and their hard earned pennies for another option following the days of their I Do's. I mean who really wants to go straight home after their reception? Or back to work the following Monday, if they don't absolutely have to -- right?

Therefore, long weekend trips to more local destinations are quickly trending towards the norm. And more then that, couples are also opting for more desolate, romantic hideaways in rugged areas to prevent further lock downs from impacting their plans too much.

For instance, a couple who has always dreamed of visiting the beaches of Spain for their honeymoon, may instead opt to rent a remote beach house in the Carolinas for their Nanomoon. They may bring with them Spanish wine or prepare Madrid specialties through out the trip and spend their days playing in the water, sunbathing on an empty beaches. As the sunsets every night, they sit on their private porch facing the dunes and the waves rolling off the ocean, chatting about all the things they'll do and see when they finally do make the trip. Crossing their fingers they'll find themselves able to travel by their first wedding anniversary together.

This sort of romanticism means that the wilderness and wilds that the world knows America for, are still highly up for grabs as engaged 2021 couples being planning their weddings.

Just think of the possibilities. The privacy; the whirl wind romance that can follow the exchanging of vows when left alone in the seclusion of a beautiful, wild countryside. And now thanks to websites like Airbnb, finding and planning these secluded romantic get-a-ways couldn't be easier. Just check out these...

1) Romantic Wilderness Cabin in Tennessee.

Image CR: Airbnb

2) Sun bathing on your own Private Island in Hiltonhead, SC .

Image CR: Airbnb

3) Secluded Tree House in Georgia

Image CR: Airbnb

4) Underground Hygge in Idaho

Image CR: Airbnb

5) Lighthouse Keeper's Hideaway in Maryland

Image CR: Airbnb

6) Skyhouse Paradise in Utah

Image CR: Airbnb

7) Red Clay Beauties of Sedona, Az

Image CR: Airbnb

8) The Box Hop at Hocking Hills, OH

Image CR: Box Hop


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