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Working with families is what we love to do. It's our passion.

From sharing a snuggle to savoring the moment, slow down and
re-center on what really matters in this chaotic life: family, connection & memories. They grow so fast... ensure you never miss a moment of it. 

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Meet  The  Tog

Hey there - I'm Chelsea! A coffee worshiping Hoosier native, who loves to travel and is the proud Momma of one spunky, slightly feral, 6 year old girl. I absolutely love binge watching Bridgeton and  oh baby, when it comes to cocktail hour do I recommend a grand marnier margarita, loaded down with olives!

How it all came to be...


Not long ago, in my late 20s I found myself a new mom, working in marketing for a Fortune 500, shooting gigs on the side and TOTALLY burned out. I wasn't the person I wanted to be. I wasn't the mom my kiddo deserved and I my creativity wasn't thriving anymore. 


Then after a summer road trip with the hubs and my kiddo, I finally decided I'd had enough. With my 30th birthday looming on the horizon I got my shit together, took a leap of faith and decided for once, to bet on myself. I put in my notice 10 days before my birthday and celebrated 30 - self-employed and happier then ever.

Fast forward


From then to now SO much has changed. I've worked brides brides all over Indiana including Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Evansville and everywhere in between. 

I've also met some really incredible families who I've been lucky enough to call friends as we capture the kiddos grow up together, stealing away those most precious moments of life: childhood. 

I firmly believe that little in life can compete with the excitement of a newly engaged couple ready to take on the world together - or the incredible (overie-clentching) grasp of a newborn's hand around your fingers.

The older I get, the more I believe it's true that everything in life has it's moment. But that doesn't mean we have to let it's magic slip away as we take our next step forward.

Together we can stow it away. Bottle it forever and capture those hashtag memories that truly make life worth living.


Indiana Wedding, Newborn and family photographer
Based in Tipton, Indiana | Serving Midwest families & brides.


Popular Questions

and helpful answers

When do you shoot?

All family sessions are shot within 2 hrs of sunrise or sunset on Wednesdays or Sundays. It's the perfect time of day for those dreamy shots you expect from HTM.

What should

I bring?

One word: SNACKs (especially for littles.) Besides that you'll need a positive attitude (we play a lot of games) and a little bit of trust for yours truly. Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!

Are digital images included?

Great question! And to put it simply "Yes!" the difference is HOW MANY based on the package you choose.

Where do you shoot?

I have a TON of places that I love to shoot from formal gardens to wild settings and everywhere in between. Most sessions however are shot in Hamilton County.


Let's Chat Sis!

Want to learn more? Let's connect!
Info@HashTagmemories. Com  |  Tel: 317.691.1779

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"Chelsea's shoots are always a blast for everyone present! We all love her & how she has the talent to capture life's real & true moments! She goes above & beyond & makes it look effortless! I have truly never liked any pictures of myself.....until she started doing our pictures!" 

“We absolutely love her! We looked around for a wedding photographer for weeks and didn’t find one that we liked until we stumbled on her and we are so happy we did! [S]he is so easy to work with  and says all kinds of things to encourage genuine laughter and it’s perfect. "

noblesville couple kisses in front of summer sunset at maple lane pavilion wedding venue

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toddler and mother snuggle during spring family photo session at coxhall gardens by noblesville photograher
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wedding details, wood flowers and high heels during fort wayne wedding by noblesville photographer



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