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Hey There!

I' m  C h e l s e a

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Hey there - I'm Chelsea! A family and wedding photographer based in Central Indiana who  whorships coffee, loves to travel and is the proud Momma of one spunky, slightly feral, little girl. I absolutely love binging Bridgerton (books and episodes) and oh baby, when it comes to cocktail hour do I recommend a grand marnier margarita, loaded down with olives!


Before Photography

C O R P O R A T E    L I F E

I wasn't always a photographer. I actually earned my bachelors degree in Marketing before working in the corporate world for a Fortune 200 . Then I had my daughter and was witness to a management change that left me feeling deflated and frustrated. 

I felt like I had spent the last few years helping build an amazing business that corporate decided to destroy on a whim.  I had given up time with my daughter to help bring a brand back to life and then... it was gone. All of it. The people. The mission. The culture. Everything I'd help to build was gone and worst of all, it also felt like my daughter was being raised by someone else.

So after venting to my husband during a summer road trip, I finally decided I'd had enough. With my 30th birthday looming on the horizon I got my shit together, took a leap of faith and decided  to bet on myself.


I mean, I never planned on being a mom but thanks to an anniversary trip to Rome, Italy... I was one. And that was totally working out...

And though I had never planned to own my own business, always dreaming of the corporate ladder with a corner office in a big city, I sure as hell wasn't going to see all my work washed away again on someone's whim.


So, 10 days before my birthday and celebrated 30th birthday,
I did it. I put in my notice and dove head first.


Now, these days, I'm a full time mom and photographer, managing my own business, meeting incredible people and helping to preserve their #hashtag worthy moments that makes one's life so sweet.

Before Photgrph
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The Vibe

real moments. artfully captured.

Few people feel comfortable in front of the camera without a little help. So when shooting with Hashtag Memories, expect silly prompts & games, a lot of laughter and a touch of pro position to help your beautiful and authentic selves shine through, in whimsical & wild locations.

The Vibe
Vintage Camera

Days Off

#Behind The camera lens


When I'm not out shooting you'll most likely to find me at home, ALWAYS barefoot

(and frankly, probably covered in dirt ).

Although week days are spent editing galleries and playing mommy-chauffeur my heart finds its peace working outside in our garden, where my daughter and I grow cut flowers as a hobby.


I also love antiquing (I mean, hell-o I live in a 120 yr + old house) 
and strongly believe front porch reading is one of the most UNDERRATED hobbies.

I LOVE naps when I can sneak one in (which is basically, never) and doing DIY projects at home with the Hubs, who is also my High School Sweetheart.


Y e p   I ' m  T h a t   g i r l ...

The funny one with a good heart.

But this mouth though.... 

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