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Covid-19 : Session Updates & What To Expect from HashTag Memories As We Move Forward

As all of our tvs run on an endless news cycle & the kiddos are underfoot, I wanted to put out a brief update as to what clients can expect from Hashtag Memories during this uncertain time...

At this point, Hashtag Memories does plans to continue shooting scheduled session. However...

1) If someone in your household works with or is caring for the elderly, let us know asap. We'll work with your to push the session until after the threat has passed.

2) Extended Family Sessions: Sessions that were scheduled to include grandparents are all being postponed thru April 15th. We will reach out to those families directly with a plan of action.

3) If someone in your family - particularly children - have asthma, an anti-immune condition or is generally in poor health due to medical complications, please reach out to us asap so we can earmark your session & create a plan to push it to a later date.

4) If Someone Is Experiencing Signs of ANY Illness...

a) If someone in your family is ill or has been around someone who is ill, please let us know asap and we'll work to reschedule your session at a later date. Please DO NOT attend your scheduled session if someone has a fever. b) Likewise: Sessions maybe cancelled if someone in my household is experience illness with session to be made up at a later date. 5) If in doubt - let's play it safe... If you are going to need to reschedule your session please provide at least a 12hr notice, before your session is to begin. We will (of course) forward your deposit to later makeup date - just as we would do normally.

Please be advised -- as is standard with our rain dates/make-up-sessions -- we will work with you to select a new date/time as is possible. However, you are not guaranteed a session on the same calendar day/time as your original booking.

As we are a locally based small business, it is our hope to continue with scheduled sessions until/unless a mandated quarantine goes into effect...

With most our sessions shot outdoors in desolate areas (such as woods, parks and fields) the risk of exposure to a third party contact - outside of myself - would appear to already be naturally mitigated, as it's rare for us to see bystanders during sessions anyhow.

That said - as always, if you have any questions about your upcoming session, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give me a call.

Stay Healthy Out There Love -

It could be a long couple on months...

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