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Indy Family Photography | MacGregor Park, Westfield | McGinnis Family & Teens

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

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What has a whole lot of sass but doesn't like to be baited? Answer: A trendy middle school blonde. (Sorry [not,sorry?] Kiddo, bahahah)

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No but really, this newly blended family [including all their entire batch of teens] were a lot of fun to work with, for sure! Beth called wanting to make sure we got the whole family together, before the oldest started college the following week. And guess what.. we did it.

Family photography with teens in Indy by HashTag Memories Photography

We got all four teenagers and their parents to the same location at the same time! And NO ONE, no teen, was late! [It's called magic].

All I can say is thank goodness Beth had a great sense of humor because we had to pull out all the stops, to get this pack laughing.

[vahheeneah? anyone? vahheeneah?!]

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And here he is... Mr. Off To College Himself... already looks the part and we wish him nothing but success! Go get that engineering degree!

College Freshman, IUPUI Student, Hipster Glasses, Modern Youth

Yes, i might have given some of these kiddos some awkward moments and a little guff... but in the end, you can be sure we got the smiles, the family got to make some memories and will soon have available some beautiful art to remember the final days before the nest started to empty for the first time.

PSA: No teens were hurt during the shooting of this session. Maybe just some ego. (bahahah)


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