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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

#Toddlers are often one of my favorite groups of people to capture. They so easily forget about the camera and obligingly act like themselves, allowing us to capture real, raw emotion, joy and adventure.

And with this family, I got to shoot two who just happened to be in the MIDDLE of their birthday celebration weekend! So to say there was some excitement in the air might be a bit of an understatement, lol.

Sometimes it took a little bribing (as it does with all toddlers) But soon the kiddos were soon laughing their way through the session and we were able to capture some moments I think Momma [and the grandmas] will love.

So the next time you family travels in for a #birthday, #graduation or some other special occasion it might just be a great time to schedule a large family session. Because of these kiddos birthdays we were able to include the grandparents in the shoot to really make it that much more special! Let's chat about your next family event and how we can help capture the moments.


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