Indy Lifestyle New Born Photography: Miss Posey | Welcome To The World

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Oh I in trouble! I've shared with you all how my niece was just born in Hawaii, and being Indy based that flight with a toddler just isn't going to happen.

...BUT the Comus family, who we were lucky enough to work with last fall, let me crash their weekend, to get some snuggles in with their newest addition - Posey {seriously, how cute is that name?!}

newborn photography in Indianapolis

My favorite thing about these kinds of sessions... I get to steal away moments; capture them for my families and preserve their quiet, intimate moments forever...

When I first met the Comus family last fall, Momma was starting to be very pregnant and little Pax was excited about being a big brother.

Fast forward a few months later and the next thing you know little Miss has arrived and their world has changed forever.