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Indy Family Photography | 2018 Spring & Summer Dates Announced

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Mom - I know you're busy. You have [yet another] birthday party to attend, a long Saturday of soccer ...and who knows what else going on this week.

Trust me as a mom of a toddler, I can relate. So this year we're publishing ALL of our MINI & FAMILY DATES for the year to help you make that "to do" list a "to done" list.

Don't get me wrong...this wont be like any experience you've had before...

Before your family session you'll get all kinds of tips and tricks on how to prep to make the shoot a success and after 10 minutes together, you'll soon forget the camera is even there.

Not to mention in only a week or two you'll have gallery in hand...

But RIGHT NOW you're likely trying to schedule the next thing or perhaps scrolling your phone while the kiddo is in dance class ...trying to catch your breathe. relax. be entertained. So let's do this...

S  P  R  I  N  G

FAMILY SESSIONS  •  $70 Deposit  •  45min  •  Full Digital Gallery              April - 8th Formal Spring Gardens & 22nd Indy Canal/Downtown  |  4 available              May -  6th  Beautiful White Porch & 20th Flexible Locations  |   4 available

MINI SESSIONS •   15 minute    •    $50 sessions    •    5 images 

            April - Spring Showers Puddle Stomp, Location TBD  |  6 available             May - Mother's Day: Mommy & Me, Park Location TBD  |  6 available

S  U M M E R

FAMILY SESSIONS  •  $70 Deposit  •  45min  •  Full Digital Gallery              June - 10th Farm Silos  & 24th  |  4 available              July -  21st Goldenrod Fields & 22nd  Sandy River Banks  | 4 available              Aug - 19th Indianapolis Canal  & 25th Tuttle Orchard  |  4 available

             Sept - 9th Hague Park & 23rd Flexible Locations |  4 available

MINI SESSIONS   •   15 minute    •    $50 sessions    •    5 images   

            July 28th - American Watermelon & Farm Silos  |  6 available

            Sept 8th - Tuttle Farms Apple Orchard  |  8 available

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