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Baby Rowan's Newborn Session, Games Family, Noblesville Photographer | Lifestyle Newborn

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Right off the bat, you might recognize this family from previous sessions. Their sweet handsome Hudson often finds himself in the middle of an extended family session with me and his cousins. And typically it's safe to say, he's far from my biggest fan.

But I'm happy to say with him at home - in his element - during his little brother's newborn session, I think I finally CRACKED his code and won this kiddo over! His new big brother status had him very excited and with a new partner in crime by his side, he was ready to play!

I initially arrived at the Games' home...

after a fresh snow fall on a VERY chilly winter morning. To say it was cold would be a understatement as it was one of those "freeze your nose hairs instantly" kind of Indiana days. The high winter winds rocketing over the lake behind the family's house and screeched by me as I unloaded my SUV before the session began. Brrr.

But, as a happy find and luckily for me (and baby Rowan) Mom and Dad had followed the "prep" guide I'd sent over a few days before and had cranked the heat in the house preparing for the session. Yes! I thought to myself, excited for the family and the session to begin.

See a warm house plus a fully tummy...

and warm swaddle = a happy milk drunk newborn, looking to sleep. Exactly what newborn photographers hope for. With Rowan feeding as we set up, it was time to focus on making a new alley out of my old acquaintance. I'd need him for this session and I was hoping to finally get through the exterior on this tuff, sweet little nut.

Hudson was happily playing in his room with trains. His guard was down and he was just a happy kid, playing at home. "Great sign" I thought to myself. I've know this kiddo for a while now. He's a sweet pea, but when we've shot sessions before and when he's solo he's far more guarded and often unwilling to play. "Hi Hudson!" I said. He looked up, smiled and said hi -- then returned to playing. Yes! I thought. His body language was completely different what I normally sew with him. This is going to be magic, I thought... and so it was.

So, with the help of big brother Hudson (and Mom and Dad of course), everyone, meet baby Rowan.

Sure, he is new around here... but he & his (new) big bro are a dream team!

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