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Session FAQs: Helpful New Client Guide

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

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What is lifestyle photography? How is it different from other sessions?

Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing people and families in a more natural state. Ever grandparent loves to have that formal family photo on the wall, but life is so much more than a posed snapshot of time. We, of course, will get a few of those classic photos for you, but 90% of our sessions are focused around capturing the connections that make your family unique. To do that, we play a lot of games to get everyone focused on each other and not on the camera.

Real, touching, soulful images of your family... saving those perfect moments of time, forever.

When everyone is relaxed and having fun together, that's when the real magic happens. These moments are the one we want to help you save, forever. The tiny hands, the magical giggle, that thing that only Daddy can do... that's what we're after.

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Can parents jump into a Mini Session with their kiddos?

You bet! At HashTag we focus on capturing the wonderful, giggly, playful world that is family...and that of course includes mom & dad!

Can we include grandma & grandpa [and/or others] in our session?

Sure can! We just need to make sure we book your family a generational photo session, instead of a family session. These sessions include more time shooting together so that we can work in all those extra snuggles, giggles and connections that grandparents always bring out your kiddos.

I'm not sure how to coordinate our family's outfits. Can you help?We can totally help! Matter of fact we've created a great styling guide to help you choose outfits and coordinate your family to get a look you'll love. After you've booked your session we'll get that & more helpful info over to you, asap!

How many images are included in my family session gallery?

We always promise a minimum of 70 images for your family session, however our average family session results in somewhere between 70-100 images.

My kiddos are on a schedule. What time can we schedule our shoot?

Depending on the kind of session you book, will depend on when we shoot. However, a good rule of thumb is that all outdoor sessions are shot outdoors, within 2-3hrs of sunset or sunrise.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are typically shot mid-morning or when your home has the best lighting available.

Concerned about the time? Let's chat!

We have lots of tricks to help little ones work with a later shoot time, and trust will be worth it!

Do you offer mini sessions outside of your seasonal event dates?

You bet! Currently, Hashtag Memories offers styled seasonal minis as well as limited family minis which can be considered a "sample size" of our full family sessions. More info on those here.

Ready to move forward? Request your session here or get on the VIP list, for first dibs on the next session date postings.


Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

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Family photos stress you out? Check out this blog post where I get REAL about how shooting a session of my own kiddo taught me how to help YOU mitigate Mommy Session Stress - or this one where we share some basic planning tips & FAQs for your session.



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