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Beauty Small Business Owner Builds Brand with Lifestyle Head Shots & Social Content | Noblesville

You've heard me talking before about the new wave of content marketing that puts small business owners like us -- DEAD in the middle of our own news feeds. Yikes! Right? I feel ya babe!

Totally with you on this! I get it -- the concept of being ALONE in front of the lens can be intimidating for sure, but the trick to it all is working with a photographer that has a beautiful portfolio - yes... BUT can also laugh with you and get you to feel comfortable while you shoot. Think less -- "say cheese" and more girlfriends hanging out, drinking wine, beat boxing to music and laughing hysterically WHILE helping you build your brand.

Too good to be true? Nope.

Meet Maggie: The Genius Behind BrowsByMelZy

Maggie has recently moved her life & her business to Indiana and as any service-driven SMB owner knows... that also means having to rebuild her clientele list. This amazing -- BEAUTIFUL -- boss babe was actually so intimated by the thought of being in front of the camera (I know...right?! she's a babe!) she brought her bestie Brittany (who you might recognize from here) to join us for a co-branded SMB session.

So what happens when you mix a killer brow stylist, a rockin' hair stylist and chillin' it lifestyle photographer together? Pure content magic...that's what.

Check out some of the winter content we were able to shoot in only 90 minutes at the beautiful, Mustard Seed Gardens in Noblesville, Indiana. Maggie and Brit walked away with a ton of images to help bring their PERSONALITIES to life, to help them grow their businesses and also gives them something to talk about outside of products, services, etc.

Creating a win/win for their customers and for their businesses! Can you imagine how much TIME you'd be able to save by shooting for 90 minutes and getting enough content to support 3 months worth of posts on your platforms? No brainier -- right!

How did it go? The Maggies' words:

“ Chelsea is the best to work with both in front and behind the camera! I’m not one to be in front of the camera, but Chelsea made everything so comfortable from start to finish for my SMB shoot! I’m obsessed with the finished photos, and can’t wait to schedule our next shoot! “

Ready to take your business to the next level with 3 months content that not only serves your customers but BUILDS your brand? Let's chat over coffee!


Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

Hey there - I'm Chelsea! A coffee worshiping Hoosier native, just trying to raise a kiddo and capture vivid memories in central IN for my families & brides. To see more of our work, make sure to FOLLOW us on Facebook and Instagram & sign up for our VIP club to get first dibs on open session date!

Curious about me? Dive into my story of how I flushed my comfortable Fortune 500 Marketing Career to take on the life of a SMB owner at HashTag Memories Photography!

Or maybe the idea of photos is stress you out? Check out this blog post where I get REAL about how shooting a session of my own kiddo taught me how to help YOU mitigate Mommy Session Stress - or this one where we share some basic planning tips & FAQs for your session.

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x.o.x.o. -chels

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