Beauty Small Business Owner Builds Brand with Lifestyle Head Shots & Social Content | Noblesville

You've heard me talking before about the new wave of content marketing that puts small business owners like us -- DEAD in the middle of our own news feeds. Yikes! Right? I feel ya babe!

Totally with you on this! I get it -- the concept of being ALONE in front of the lens can be intimidating for sure, but the trick to it all is working with a photographer that has a beautiful portfolio - yes... BUT can also laugh with you and get you to feel comfortable while you shoot. Think less -- "say cheese" and more girlfriends hanging out, drinking wine, beat boxing to music and laughing hysterically WHILE helping you build your brand.

Too good to be true? Nope.

Meet Maggie: The Genius Behind BrowsByMelZy

Maggie has recently moved her life & her business to Indiana and as any service-driven SMB owner knows... that also means having to rebuild her clientele list. This amazing -- BEAUTIFUL -- boss babe was actually so intimated by the thought of being in front of the camera (I know...right?! she's a babe!) she brought her bestie Brittany (who you might recognize from here) to join us for a co-branded SMB session.