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Caitlin & Ryan Say "I Do" at The Loft On Isanogel in Muncie, Honeymoon Gallery | Indy Wedding

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

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The first time I met Caitlin and Ryan was over a Zoom call. They were living too far away to do a meet and greet over coffee (pre-covid days) and so we all hovered over the computer talking about Caitilin's ideas for the big day and how Ryan was so excited to get to see her in the dress she had just purchased.

For some reason, I forget now, he ended up either walking out of the room for something or had some other place to be, but she then began to tell me about this dress of hers. It was going to be stunning by the description - not to mention the cathedral length wedding veil she was totally stoked about.

Then a few days later, the email came in. We were going to be working together and with it, I got to see THAT DANG DRESS. And man was it beautiful... that was, until I saw it on this amazing bomb shell August 15th. Wow.

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Caitlin's Mom, Miriam, had been working as the wedding planner up until the big day arrived. She planned the decor and helped organize all the details that make a wedding day shine.

When I arrived at The Loft on Isanogle, I found her busy as a bee, just humming away on the final details. The barn and all the little touches were coming along nicely - not to mention the three amazing chandeliers that were dripping in crystal that awaited us, above the dance floor. She pointed me towards the bridal suite... and away we went.

It was a HOT day out at the Muncie Wedding Venue and the field that the two would be saying "I Do" in was mostly full sun. Arriving a bit early, I took a few minutes to scout out some great alternative locations for portraits and the first look, since beautiful sunny day was both a blessing (they thought it might rain) and a curse as the light was harshly casting shadows everywhere.

Soon it was time...

Caitlin's girls started getting ready in their beautiful gold sequin bridesmaids gowns while we started working on some of the beautifully planned details with Caitlin. Her bracelet, pendent, shoes... the works.

I had already seen Ryan a bit earlier and he was all a buzz hanging with his guys in the groom's quarters. They had been playing corn hole and giving him all kinds of grief -- signaling to me this was going to be a great group to work with!

Then it was show time. Miriam started helping Caitlin into her dress -- and the rest is history. The two married in a beautiful rural setting, under a shade tree and pink floral alter, after having a blind folded first "touch" (an alternative to first look) where they read private letters to each other just before the ceremony.

It was an emotional moment and a completely beautiful one at that. Everyone was chocked up and you could tell these two were ready. It wouldn't have mattered if it ended as a rainy day, a Covid day or even a random day of the week -- these college sweethearts had waited long enough and were ready to finally say "I Do".

first look alternative ideas during indiana wedding bride in tattoo lace, black gold and white wedding

But that's enough from me... don't ya think?

I could talk forever about how well matched, funny and gracious this couple was ... but let's face it... you're really here for the picture. And ya know what Sis... that's okay to. Enjoy.

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Indianapolis Wedding Photographer, bride and groom portrait in Muncie, Indiana

and there are SOOOOOO many more. But atlas, we can't share everything and of course we want some moments to remain private and treasured forever by the couple and their guests. Also a big thank you to all of Caitlin and Ryan's vendors who were along to help and make the day go smoothly.


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DJ & Entertainment: @Rhythmandlights


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