Christmas Card Minis: Noblesville Photos with Santa for Xmas 2020 with Hashtag Memories Photo | Indy

Updated: Feb 16

Photos with Santa vintage chrismtas truck in Indianapolis, Indiana

A few weeks ago we rolled out the listings for a 2020 Indianapolis Xmas minis and the response we received was amazing, We sold out of our original batch of slots in less then 48hrs which was a new record for Hashtag Memories!

...and yall, that was even before we shot the sample. So, because of the excitement, we opted to release another batch so the public had a chance to grab some slots, since our VIPs sold us out so quickly.

That said, a few slots still remain as of today, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Ya know, every year we start planning around late summer/early fall to get our ideas together around Christmas Card photo sets. And to be honest it ALWAYS feels a bit weird to go to the pool by day and be drawing Christmas mockups by night. Often I draw up a couple of options and then start sourcing out materials, running down costs, etc.

So this year, while eating popsicles under the tree with my kiddo, I decided really wanted to channel something that felt really wholesome. After all, isn't 2020 the year of DIY everything and families attempting to reconnect, with all the extra time together? A vintage farm truck just felt like the way to go, so when I was introduced to the Savage Family of Noblesville and their incredible 1940s Willy Jeep Truck, the ideas really started to flow -- so EVERYTHING about these Christmas Minis was planned to really channel that vibe. A woodland downhome style Christmas on the farm, complete with all the trimmings.

Then low and behold... Santa joined the crew too, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Indianapolis Santa Holiday Christmas Card Photos