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Christmas Card Minis: Noblesville Photos with Santa for Xmas 2020 with Hashtag Memories Photo | Indy

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Photos with Santa vintage chrismtas truck in Indianapolis, Indiana

A few weeks ago we rolled out the listings for a 2020 Indianapolis Xmas minis and the response we received was amazing, We sold out of our original batch of slots in less then 48hrs which was a new record for Hashtag Memories!

...and yall, that was even before we shot the sample. So, because of the excitement, we opted to release another batch so the public had a chance to grab some slots, since our VIPs sold us out so quickly.

That said, a few slots still remain as of today, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Ya know, every year we start planning around late summer/early fall to get our ideas together around Christmas Card photo sets. And to be honest it ALWAYS feels a bit weird to go to the pool by day and be drawing Christmas mockups by night. Often I draw up a couple of options and then start sourcing out materials, running down costs, etc.

So this year, while eating popsicles under the tree with my kiddo, I decided really wanted to channel something that felt really wholesome. After all, isn't 2020 the year of DIY everything and families attempting to reconnect, with all the extra time together? A vintage farm truck just felt like the way to go, so when I was introduced to the Savage Family of Noblesville and their incredible 1940s Willy Jeep Truck, the ideas really started to flow -- so EVERYTHING about these Christmas Minis was planned to really channel that vibe. A woodland downhome style Christmas on the farm, complete with all the trimmings.

Then low and behold... Santa joined the crew too, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Indianapolis Santa Holiday Christmas Card Photos
Christmas Santa Photos Indianapolis
holiday card photo session noblesville with vintage truck and santa
christmas card sessions by hashtag memories photography

Want to grab your one for your own family?

Interested in snagging your own Christmas Card Session this year? We shoot November 1st in the Noblesville, In area and there are a few slots still available. Check out the details here.

Why do we shoot so early? Seriously, Thanksgiving isn't even here yet?!

To put it simply: weather and logistics. Remember that corporate background of mine? (if not you can catch the story here) If it's taught me anything its process and logistics planning. And let's be honest... once Thanksgiving rolls around, you're family's schedule likely goes from buzzing and busy to a full out RUN, through Dec 31st. I know mine does!

So, in order to get your final images back to you, in time for you to ORDER your Holiday Cards AND get them MAILED OUT, all us Mommas have to plan a head a bit. Right?

I know addressing holiday cards is actually one of my family's traditions during the #BlackFriday weekend, as old Christmas movies and holiday music plays in the background.

Then there's the weather. December in Indiana is COLD AND WINDY. Not, great shooting weather for families with littles. Nothing quite compares to Indiana winds this time of year, and Sister -- although I can warp up in layers, let's be honest - you and your kiddos don't quite have the same luxury, being in front of the camera. So we shoot earlier when it's warmer and the weather is more predictable!

What do we recommend you wear for outdoor Christmas Minis in November?

This is a GREAT question. A lot of times Moms are tempted to make the most out of cute Christmas Dresses our Christmas Eve outfits and use them in their family's Holiday photos. Although this is a great way to get the most out of those purchases if the weather is warm, I HIGHLY recommend to you consider having a back up - or just all out plan - to make this session a Christmas Jammie session. And here's why:

  • You can put LAYERS easily for warmth under Holiday Jammies. If it's a warmer day, just wear the jammies. If it's supposed to be colder - opt to put layers of long johns under the outfits. ...This is something that's HARD to do under holiday dresses for little girls and dress shirts for little boys, because formal clothing tends to be more fitted for kiddos.

  • Easy to add personality & accessorize (and last minute warmth) to the look, just by adding cute mittens, a scarf, or a hat. It's easy to dress this style up or down based on the temperatures of the day. Moms can add earrings, dad's can add fun "Northern" hats with earflaps and so on and so forth. Add a special family blanket to the mix or bring cute hot chocolate cups to round off the look!

  • Christmas Jammies are all the rage right now, so there are LOTS of options. Especially when it comes to Christmas, a lot of great shopping spots like Target and local boutiques like Lil' Bloomers carry jammies that are heavy in detail. They have lace, booty flaps, vintage cuts and so on. There are SO many options to choose from this time of year. Have the kiddos compliment each other or match the entire family all together. It's your call and the options are endless! Our model here is actually wearing the a set of Christmas PJs from Sweet Honey. Some of our other favorite brands include The Cheeky Plum AND Smockingbirds --or -- if you're like me as a mom and totally forgot until like 3 days out... good 'ol Amazon also has some great last minute finds as well! #AmazonMomLife

So Sis... want to feel like a Super Mom and get ahead on your own Christmas Cards this year? Let's do it together! Grab your session or check out the details here.


Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

Hey there - I'm Chelsea! A coffee worshiping Hoosier native, just trying to raise a kiddo and capture vivid memories in central IN for my families & brides. To see more of our work, make sure to FOLLOW us on Facebook and Instagram & sign up for our VIP club to get first dibs on open session date! Curious about me? Dive into my story of how I flushed my comfortable Fortune 500 Marketing Career to take on the life of a SMB owner at HashTag Memories Photography!

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