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Edwards Fall Family Photos | Momma Worries About Moody Toddler Smiles | Cicero, Indiana

Updated: May 2, 2023

Mom Was So Worried...

'Yall - meet Holly, TJ and their family! I shot this family photo session last fall but there was NO WAY for me to know then how close our families would get in the following months.

Personally, I met Holly and her family through a mutual friend who introduced us and this session was really the first time we spent any real time together. BUT - it didn't take very long after this shoot for our families to hook up at a school drive in movie night and realize we all clicked together well. After all, our husbands had worked in the same industry before and kiddos close to the same age... and so much more.

I wont lie - these days we spend a lot of Friday or Saturday nights hanging with Holly and her crew either at our place with kids crashing over a movie or around a bonfire out on their property.

...but back to the SESSION itself.

When Holly reached out and booked their family shoot, she "warned" me right away about their youngest, Dean, who was easily frustrated being 2 years old and full of energy. She said he for sure was going to be a tough cookie!

With this in mind a few weeks later, when we started the session together I knew we'd need to give Dean-o lost of space and time to run during the session working with mom and dad to bring him in and out of what we were up to as I kept shooting to capture their independent connections.

Then something magical happened...

about half way through the session we discovered that Dean would crack up and give us the BIGGEST grin if Momma would dance and spin with him.


And it's this EXACT reason I like to focus on playing games and trying to connect with the kiddos during family sessions instead of keeping everyone still and stiff.

When the kiddos can relax and have fun - mom and dad relax too. I mean, going into the shoot Holly was *SO* worried about her little guy and thought it would be impossible to get a smile out of him.

...but, well you can see for yourself...

Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

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