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Engagement Session in Carmel, Indiana | Morgan & Kurtis at Coxhall Gardens

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

young engaged couple sits in carmel, indiana garden at coxhall gardens park with white blooming star magnolia tree to their right. She sits between his legs snuggled up in his arms.

Don't you just love how Indiana's spring time always brings such unexpected abundance and blooms every year after such a grey winter?!

It's kind of what makes them so special, but it can also make them a bit tricky to schedule sessions - trying to predict when the early trees will bloom and yet the ground dry enough for to shoot.

So it's no big surprise that when M&K's original engagement session date finally arrived after an icky winter that together we opted to push it back a bit to maximize the blooms & spring look she was going for.

And, I mean seriously, who doesn't love bright white star magnolia flowers?! ...after all, they do kind of scream BRIDAL with their big, romantic heads breaking through the drab skies of winter. Especially for a girl whose heart is set on a country wedding.

...And Speaking of country weddings, man did Morgan and Kurtis choose a venue to set the tone!

Maple Lane Pavilion, a barn venue in Arcadia, Indiana was selected by the couple as the backdrop to their wedding later this summer. Planning to tie the knot August, with it's rod iron chandeliers, white washed walls and sweeping field views, Maple Lane Wedding Pavilion will really bring their dreams of a "crisp, country wedding" to life.

If you haven't been there yet or seen Maple Lane, it's def worth checking out! Such a cute little hidden gem of Hamilton Co.

But any whoo... once spring dried out a bit, this awesome couple meet up with me to shoot their engagement session at the popular Coxhall Gardens. Always a favorite location, this beautiful park located just north of Indianapolis in a very posh neighborhood of Carmel, Indiana. (And if you recall, it's a favorite as I was actually married there too, many years ago.)

Having known each other since 3rd grade, getting Morgan and Kurtis to relax and play together during the shoot, came as second nature for them - despite Morgan's worries about "being awkward in front of the camera." But then again, when you dated all throughout high school you know they have to have a sense of humor about them and a unique connection that's begging to be captured on film (or should I saw, in camera). They just need a little help making it shine - and that's where I come in. That's one of the reasons you hire me as your hire a photographer, right?! lol.

All in all though, a "crisp, country" wedding for a set of Indiana High School Sweethearts....

sounds just about as "All American" as it gets. And I can't wait to help them celebrate later this year! Not to mention that in addition to their family and friends joining them on the big day, their crew of puppers will be also be making an appearance. After all, mom and dad are getting married so who better to help them celebrate their their fur-babies.

young bride to be showcases her engagement ring by holding an evergreen sprig between her fingers, engagement ring facing the camera. shes wearing jeans, a white tucked in tank and a blue fuzzy cartigan for the engagment shoot in carmel, indiana
mid 20s couple and high school sweet hearts snuggle, her in his arms, standing with flowering spring trees in the background. she is smiling at the camera while he is nuzzled down into her neck for a cuddle.
austrailian shepard during engagement photos in carmel indiana. dog poses sitting on a concreate step with red brick building in the background. He wears a blue bow tie to celebrate his parents getting married in summer 2022
pear cut diamond engagement ring showcased on bride to be's hand as it sits half in, half out the groom's back jean pocket with spring blooming tree in foreground.
couple in their 20s during their engagment photos. Guy is wearing black t-shirt and black custom wedding hat embordered with his 2022 wedding date. Bride to be wearing jeans, white tshirt and blue sweater is being held in his arms and laughing as he whispers something into her ear.

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