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Fresh 48 NewbornHospital Visit | Indy Family Photography | Shaw Family's New Arrival

Recognize the name? When the Shaw family called and said they were expecting their 3rd I was excited! When they said it was going to be a boy, I couldn't help but want to high-five dad, as he was finally getting someone to add to his side of the Shaw team!

Then, last month we shot their Maternity Creek session where Momma get to cool off and the kiddos had a great time #creekstomping. Then it was time to wait. Wait for the call that "Bun" (as he was fondly referred to) was officially out of the oven.

Being baby 3 we ALL figured "Bun" would make his appearance sooner rather than later. But we were DEAD WRONG. Meet one of the FEW babies to actually deliver ON HIS DUE DATE! [Seriously, how is this possible? Especially for baby #3?!...where are my L&D Mommas out there?]

So mid-cookout party, ON LABOR DAY, I got the call. Momma was doing well and it was time to meet, Levi, the newest #HashtagBaby!

Unfortunately as you might notice, Levi's big sisters were at school when we shot this session at St. V's, but really when you think about it... when else will Levi get to be the sole star of the show? Sure as the baby I'm sure he'll get some of the perks...but to have mom & dad all to himself again? Not likely for a very long time! So here's to you baby Levi! Cheers to calling dibs on Mom & Dad already, only 2 days into this world!


St V apparently has an L&D nurse that is very talented in drawing! Thanks to her for making such a cute little keepsake name card for Danielle, Kevin & their family!


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