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Keep Kid Attendants From Taking Over Your Wedding | Planning Pro Tips: Noblesville Photographer

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You've been dreaming up all the details of your big day and it's finally on the horizon - 2021 is here, Covid is beginning to be tamed and we're all holding our breath for a "normal" year atlast.

And with all the planning (and possibly delays), you can't wait to see your sweet nieces in their tulle & lace flower girl dresses, or watch your chubby cheeked nephew walk down the aisle, sign in hand.

Then Christmas happened...

And if you were like most families, even with Covid, you most likely saw at least a few family members over the holidays. And with them... came those kiddos. Those cute -- sticky, noisy, fidgeting, rule breaking, tear streaming kiddos that you couldn't love any more, but oh my gosh; kiddos.

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And it hits you...

What if they do that at the wedding? What if one of the ring bearers starts tossing the ring pillow during your vows (true story)? Or if one of the flower girls gets bored during the ceremony and starts dancing in place?

If the idea of them moving about and stealing the show doesn't phase you -- then I solute you girl! Sure, some brides don't mind it at all, considering the big day to be a family event. But for others their unpredictable behavior, although sometimes cute, isn't really apart of the more formal event you had in mind. At least not until the dance floor opens, right?.

So, before you panic and go down the rabbit hole of "what ifs" consider this simple yet effective tips from a pro:

  • When creating your bridal party, consider the age of your party members. Remember that older school aged is always a great option if you're worried about the wiggles. as they are used to follow instructions from adults and have a better understanding of how to behave at important events.

But what if you've already asked the kiddos and/or they are toddlers? Or preschoolers? Consider this...

  • If you're working with littles, instead of setting yourself up for failure and sticking with an unrealistic expectations for their little bodies, let them have their moment, and then let them say bye-bye. (yep! I said it!) It goes something like this: Have the kiddo(s) walk down the aisle to the ulter. Then stand belly towards the guests (try the prompt: point your tummy to grandma) and have them wait for the entire group to arrive, if multiple kiddos involved. Then, once their "team" has all arrived, have the kiddos then walk dismiss and rejoin their parents or adult who will be with them during the ceremony who (because you're SO SAVY SIS, that you've had your ushers sit them in row 2 or 3). Practice this a few times during the wedding rehearsal. Then repeat on the wedding day.

And if you really want to wing points with their parents...

Provide a fruit snack pack in the kiddo's spot. This will give them something to focus on during the ceremony and let their parents relax enough to enjoy seeing you say your "I Do's." They'll thank you for removing the pressure, the kiddos will be excited to participate you, YOU SMART COOKIE YOU, will be proud that the little extra planning made for such a blissful and beautiful moment - your favorite kids included.

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