Keep Kid Attendants From Taking Over Your Wedding | Planning Pro Tips: Noblesville Photographer

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You've been dreaming up all the details of your big day and it's finally on the horizon - 2021 is here, Covid is beginning to be tamed and we're all holding our breath for a "normal" year atlast.

And with all the planning (and possibly delays), you can't wait to see your sweet nieces in their tulle & lace flower girl dresses, or watch your chubby cheeked nephew walk down the aisle, sign in hand.

Then Christmas happened...

And if you were like most families, even with Covid, you most likely saw at least a few family members over the holidays. And with them... came those kiddos. Those cute -- sticky, noisy, fidgeting, rule breaking, tear streaming kiddos that you couldn't love any more, but oh my gosh; kiddos.

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And it hits you...