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Indy Family Photographer | Adult Kiddo Session | Meet My Family: The Ligons

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

The Ligon's...'yall... meet my family!

I was lucky enough to get to grow up with this crazy, lovable bunch for most of my childhood. There have been sleep overs, frantic searches for Teddy (thanks guys!) , crafting parties and apple flushing (don't ask) and so much more!

...And for the record, I still blame Arec [pronounced Eric] for tricking me into doing it! Now I let the man handle my finances. What's wrong with me?! Ah, but I digress...

HashTag family, meet my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins & their wives! These boys have always been like brothers to me, so when my Aunt asked if I could shoot everyone while our newest member Clarice was in town to meet everyone, I couldn't say no!

Indy Family Photographer

family photography by HashTag Memories

And drum roll please for our newest member...Clarice!

engagement photography by HashTag Memories

In our family rough housing, "the business" knuckle and wise crack remarks are the run of the mill (you should see the holiday parties!) so when shooting this family I wanted everyone to get to see what I see: a growing, loving bunch who embraces the future together and may be separated by mileage but is always one wise crack away from a good hug!

family photography in Indianapolis

father son mini sessions in Indianapolis, Family Photography by HashTag Memories Photo

adult kids family photography doing fall family photos

Why are the laughing you ask? Well...these 3 beautiful, amazing women all have one thing in common. They're married to Ligon men and survive it on on strong tequila and inside jokes! (haha- just kidding boys! just kidding!)

fall family photography in  Indianapolis

But seriously, a family that can play together, give each other shit and loves each other through the thick and thin of it...that is the true definition of family. So take it or leave it. But this is mine! <3

indy family photographer Hash Tag Memories

Finally, everyone, please help me in wishing a very happy birthday to Aunt Steph as this post should go live right around her birthday! Leave a comment to help us wish her a great day!

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