Indy Family Photographer | Adult Kiddo Session | Meet My Family: The Ligons

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

The Ligon's...'yall... meet my family!

I was lucky enough to get to grow up with this crazy, lovable bunch for most of my childhood. There have been sleep overs, frantic searches for Teddy (thanks guys!) , crafting parties and apple flushing (don't ask) and so much more!

...And for the record, I still blame Arec [pronounced Eric] for tricking me into doing it! Now I let the man handle my finances. What's wrong with me?! Ah, but I digress...

HashTag family, meet my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins & their wives! These boys have always been like brothers to me, so when my Aunt asked if I could shoot everyone while our newest member Clarice was in town to meet everyone, I couldn't say no!

Indy Family Photographer

family photography by HashTag Memories

And drum roll please for our newest member...Clarice!

engagement photography by HashTag Memories