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Indy Family Photography | Brewer Family | Coxhall Gardens, Vintage Vibe

Guess this session with Jestine and little, E, had me S-W-O-O-N-I-N-G all through the editing session. The watermelon and bright red 55 Bel Air seemed to be the ticket to keeping his interested, more so then normal. I think this little guy at 2 or 3 full pieces of watermelon before we wrapped!

Not to mention mom always has the best #style when it comes to choosing clothes for family photography sessions! [seriously, how cute is this romper?!]. She had spent the morning doing community work and claims to have been exhausted, but she looked fresh as a daisy to me and we were really able to capture the love and emotion these guys all have for each other!

When was the last time you shot a family session and walked away thinking, “that was fun!”? At HashTag we work with families of all ages, playing games and snuggling to capture those moments that moms truly love! Check out other #indy #family #photography sessions, like this one, here.


Real Life. Real Moments. Real Memories. | Lifestyle Photography That Fits The Family Budget. #HashTagMemories is an #Indy based #LifestyleStylePhotographer that specialize in working with families of all ages to capture the real life moments, personalities & relationships that make every family unique, while respecting the family's budget. | #HashTagMemories #IndyFamilyPhotography #IndyLifestylePhotography #HTMQuickShot #IndyPhotographyLocations

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