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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE appreciates a good #CreekStomp session like a Mom shooting a #maternity #session in #July!

We always like to wait until a month before the #duedate to shoot so that #belly is beautiful, round & mommas can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

You might even recognize this #creekstomp family from last year's shoot in the apple orchard, while girls still ruled the Shaw family dynamics, but now a little brother is on the way and everyone is SO ready to meet him!

But before we could indulge the kiddos and [undoubtably] get wet, we did sneak in some super sweet portraits of mom and dad...

Big sis also apparently loves to sing to "bun" [isn't this the cutest name, since they aren't sharing the real name yet?] we HAD to let her sing!

Then it was off to the river to splash, play & let momma be a #MaternityGoddess

...and to give the girls what they'd been waiting for. A chance to be an #UnpluggedKid #splashing & #playing in the creek!


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