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Indy Family Photography | Spliter Family | Coxhall Gardens Mini Session

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Nothing says dog days of summer like a #watermelon #mini #session ...AND... no one I know loves watermelon like a toddler!

I’ve known Natalie since I was a kid and you might recognize this little guy too! I was so excited to get to see these guys out at #Coxhall Garden to do a quick #family #photo #mini #session over at the #silos.

Baby J is typically a chill kiddo when it comes to our sessions, but it was nearly his bedtime, so we had to pull out the magic touch… #puff #snacks! Worked like a charm!

Pro Tip: Shooting in the summer often requires early or late session times, which can be a challenge for little ones and their love of routine. At #HashTag Memories, we always recommend that young families opt to shoot in the evening, instead of trying to schedule a morning session.

Typically kids are only all to willing to delay a nap, but getting them to go to bed early often ends in disaster. Because of that, sunset sessions are often more ideal. Plus, in the evening kiddos seem more receptive to #snack bribes where as a grumpy-guss in the morning typically leaves mom and dad with very little leverage.

Interested in learning more about scheduling session of your own?

Fall Family Photography in Indiana with baby and vintage quilt


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