Kid Birthdays: Ditch The Camera & Take A Breather | Family Photography in Indianapolis

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

You might have noticed it’s been a little quite over here lately and that’s mainly due to the fact that my daughter has just turned two and we are prepping for her party this weekend.

That said, one of the things I always insist on for special events is a hiring a photographer.

Now I know what you’re thinking… a photographer for a birthday party? The answer is Yes. Always Yes. And here is why…

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1) Enjoy the moment: you worked hard

If you’re like most Moms you spent at least a couple hours thinking on/working on your kiddo’s party – or maybe you’re a head-over-heels Pinterest inspired Mom who spends hours planning. No judgement here either way...I’ve been both.

That said – you’ve worked hard to make sure the details were right… whether it was choosing the “right” piñata for the “theme” (by the way, is animal piñatas weird to anyone else?), or sending out honest to goodness PAPER invitations (seriously Paper = invites, envelopes, address & stamps, Ladies! No wonder email was invented!)

Despite what our loving husbands think, these things don’t just magically appear…and you worked hard. So don’t forget in all the hustle and bustle to CAPTURE images of your efforts.

2) Maximize Mom Fun Time

Pretty basic concept here that is often overlooked. As parents we often get caught up in the DIY world. Sometimes things turn out great – sometimes not. Don’t get me started on the time that I convinced the husband [then fiancé] to DIY ALL our wedding stationary from invites & programs to table decor & more! But I digress…

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You spent the time to organize all those kiddos. Maybe even threw in a game or two to keep them busy and now it’s time to CONNECT with other adults. Catch up with your girlfriend, harass your brother-in-law about that one time in Vegas…you know the usual!

You’ll need to host your guests and actually enjoy yourself – so don’t get caught up in the idea you’ll photograph the important bits. Let’s face it…you want to be the one brining the cake out as the kids get excited…not the one behind the camera. When in doubt – hire it out!