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Life Is Totally Upside Down | We're Moving to a NEW Home & HTM is Getting A HUGE Studio Space

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Well Sis, I'm sweaty... tired and frankly my mom nerves are about shot today, so how about a real 1:1 moment between you and Me? Let's put photography & client sessions on the back burner for half second and talk about life... shall we?

I mean no one said it would be easy... but I seriously forgot how hard it could be too. You know, all the hats. I must admit I've been having a waive of baby fever lately but man oh man... maybe not after last Monday.

So, a few days ago after the kid's quite time I walked into my kiddo's bedroom to find that she had attempted to completely empty her HUGE double door closet in one tiny box, that our realtor provided her as a little moving gift.

When I tell you there were little white and pink plastic toddler hangers EVERYWHERE know that this is SERIOUSLY the understatement of the year.

But you'd be proud of me Sis. I didn't loose my sh*t...

...even though every bone in body felt the need to loose it. Nope - some how I kept it together. Instead I opted to flip the moment (something 10 million times easier to SAY then to actually DO).

I sat down next to her as she looked up at me from the sea of hangers, with a book she'd been flipping through resting in her lap.

She wasn't sure what I was going to say and let me tell ya Sis, her face told the whole story. She has a new box. She was excited about her new room at our new place. 1+1 = 2 so she decided to get a jump start on packing.

I mean to be honest, even I have to admit with business gearing back up for the season and all the million phone calls, bank docs, etc. of closing on a home, the kiddo has kind of been left in the dust. Her routine pretty shattered. Our moments together, constantly interrupted.

And so instead... instead of loosing my shit. Instead of mumbling under my breath how our house looks like a disaster zone as bubble wrap, cardboard and packing tape is scattered everywhere... instead of all that Sis... I just sat down. I let her tell me about her packing "plans." We talked about her new room and what she was looking forward to most. What color she wanted to paint her new room (pink of course) and all of the things... all of it. Anything she wanted to talk about.

I found something out too...

She was so proud to be apart of the process. So excited to pack her own box. She told me how she wanted to carry it to the car and then into our new house by herself.

She was also sad, because she wasn't exactly sure what things had to stay and what things we could take.

She was feeling all the frustrations & excitements that I myself have been working through as well. So although the world - or at least our home - feels a bit upside down at the moment, it was amazing to find myself re-centered, re-focused and re-connected with my preschooler in the middle of complete hanger chaos.

As for the new studio? That's super exciting news!

Although our family has opted to move homes it also comes with other awesome news! We're getting a new huge studio space in the middle of all this hub-bub! That means that in addition to our wedding, family and lifestyle newborn sessions we'll soon be expanding offerings to include studio newborn sessions as well as indoor minis, set-based milestones and much, much more!

We're on the grow again here at Hashtag Memories and I can't wait to share more as we dive into this wild ride together! You ready Sis?


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x.o.x.o. -chels

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