Indy Family Photography | Portraits | McKenna Wears Mommy's Wedding Dress

Where to even start... When Momma wants to do a Wedding Dress photo session for her newly turned three year old, rain in the forecast tends to be anything but ideal. But this family and I have worked together for a long time so thanks to a bit of trust, we got to roll with it!

And boy did it pay off! The stormy fall sky ended up so dark which contrasted PERFECTLY with Little Miss' elegance and playfulness wearing Momma's wedding dress! But don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself...

During the whole session the clouds were moving fast and the rain was on our heels [it started raining 10 minutes after we wrapped the shoot] but it was worth it! And we got to play with some cool light because of it!

Plus we had to let Big Bro Hayden jump in a few since he found himself in the middle of a "girls day" since Daddy was out of town. But don't let him fool you! He loved jumping in a few shots and being a ham for little sis!