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Monument Circle Engagement Session with Natalee & Jim | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Updated: May 15, 2020

We all know that Indy lacks green when it comes to the winter months...

so when this couple knew they wanted to shoot their engagement session in February, we crossed our fingers for good weather and decided to meet up downtown where Monument Circle never disappoints, no mater the season. And better yet, these Southsiders from Greenwood, often hang out at the circle during the warmer months, to enjoy the night life and people watch – so what better spot to shoot, then a place they already love.

But Natalee, like so many brides-to-be, was a little nervous going into the session. Outside of the “what to wear” & “where should we shoot?” questions she was really focused on something else entirely...

The conversation went something like this... “I’m out going...” she said, at our first meet up. “But Jim… Jim, isn’t. " she paused. "We’re going to have to work to break him out of the shell.” I smiled. Just my specialty, I thought...

Indianapolis Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Details, Solitary Wedding Band

Look Sis, Jim is like most guys when it comes to photo shoots. Unless he is a social influencer or SUPER into "selfies" it's likely his ideal of a good time isn't standing infront of a camera. But that's okay...

That's where your photographer's personal skills & ability to break the ice comes in. Think about it... we both know there is at least ONE person at that session who can make him laugh. Who can make him feel comfortable, no matter the setting. Rain or shine. Public or private...and it's YOU Sis.

So my job -- is not only to capture beautiful images but ALSO to help set you up for success. To know how to prompt you, to get both of you to laugh, to move naturally and ultimately to forget I'm there at all. And when that happens Sis, it's magic. Enjoy.

Indianapolis Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Monument Circle Engagement

Also while you're here...

check out this show stopper of a ring the couple chose! Their summer wedding is currently being planned to reflect a similar style: elegant & chalked full of style. Not to mention the Gatsby vibes that are starting to peek out! Bring on the vintage wedding vibes Natalee -- I'm here for ALL of it! Whoop, whooop!

Indianapolis Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Soldier & Sailors Monument Engagement

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer, Monument Circle Engagement Session, Noblesville Photographer

Indianapolis Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Details

Engagement Session Location: Monument Circle & surrounding areas | Indianapolis, IN

Set Wedding Venue: The Montage, Indianapolis, Indiana

Set Wedding Caterer: Kahn's Catering, Indianapolis, Indiana


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