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Friends. Life. Marriage. It's amazing the number of couples out there that do actually still meet in High School - but perhaps not in the way you'd think.

Sure sometimes there's the "meet cute" and the rest is history, but far more then not, it goes something more like (Act I) : boy meets girl. Boy and girl become good friends. Then graduation and life pulls them towards separate paths. Act II: Re-introduction later in life. Fireworks. Marriage. History...

It sounds like a great Meg Ryan story... am I right? Well that's exactly what happened with these two. Friendship, graduation, military service, college and then someone made the reintroduction ... and the rest, well... see for yourselves.

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Meet sweet, beautiful Eden, 12 days new. After living worlds apart during his military service and her degree program, Casey and Adam reunited and eventually married in Indianapolis. Now a few years later they've embarked on their latest adventure together: parenthood.

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