Snowy Engagement Session with Lexi & Tyler, Indianapolis Photographer | Rustic Fields & Fresh Snow

Updated: May 15, 2020

A few weeks ago, just after the last snow I reached out to Lexi about her engagement session. We were supposed to shoot the following Sunday - but fresh white snow had just graced the Hoosier state and as we all know - it doesn't last long before turning into brown mush. So after some back and forth we opted to move her session up a few days to ensure a rustic snowy vibe for the session. SCORE!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer, Rustic Bride, Hashtag Memories Photography

Then the day arrived and as I was walking the path to set up for the session it started to SNOW. Talk about some luck!

Lexi & Ty soon arrived. Granted, I had already met sweet, bubbly Lexi - but Tyler on the other hand was still a bit of a mystery. I knew he worked in Baseball - and MUST be a great guy, based on how in-love Lex was with him,,, but personality? style? vibe? ...all still to be determined.

They got out of the car and started walking my way...

Lexi looked killer in her leather booties and fuzzy sweater (but of course she did... have you seen her?!). Ty on the other hand was sportin' a smile and was lookin' fly - but (like most of the men I meet in sessions) I could tell he was a little out of his element. Game on, I thought!

I couldn't wait to get to know this couple better before their wedding later this year. Lexi was so fun at our bridal consult. I knew Ty had to have a playful side and his smile told me he would be game for about anything, despite his nerves.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer, Rustic Bride, Hashtag Memories Photography

The snow continued to fall...

We started. And the magic began to unfold. Starting safe with snuggles we soon mov