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Sondgerath Family Welcomes Baby Boy | Lifestyle Newborn Photos in The Studio

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Mother in pink ruffled boho dress holds newborn son in her arms. he is wrapped in an oatmeal colored blanket as she gazes down on him in a dark, natural lite room at photographer studio in tipton

Cheyanne reached out soon after our boho wildflower studio set was completed this past February while pregnant with baby #2.

They were expecting to add a son to their family in April and she was excited to celebrate with family photos - something they'd not done in some time.

So when April came around and she reached out to let me know that baby had arrived healthy and safely we got to work scheduling a time that would work with baby's schedule as well as daddy's paternity leave. (ps. how awesome that his company gave him 2 weeks, serious kudos to them!)

Then it was only a few days later that Cheyanne and her crew arrived, looking cute as a button and ready to make the most of our time together. Baby was happy and full, ready to be snuggled just like we had spoken about during prep and sweet big sis's was ready to play.

So once settled in, a diaper change and bow replacement (b/c what little girl doesn't pull out her bow in the car) we quickly found a rhythm of mom and dad alternating with baby while the other entertained big sis in the studio play space. Then we worked to bring her in and out as fitted, to help make the most of her attention span and smiles.

Here are just a few of my favorites...

young mother welcomes baby boy to the family with kisses on his forehead as he's wrapped sleeping in a newborn blanket. She wears a pink ruffled dress and gold chandler earrings during the family's photo shoot
newborn baby boy fully asleep in mother's arms, his face relaxed pushing his newborn lips and cheeks out as he snoozes the day away.
newborn baby's head displayed in father's hands with daddy's wedding ring and wrists supporting baby's weight.
young father kisses the top of newborn son's head as baby lays on his shoulder sleeping.
family kisses during newborn photos for baby brother. Mom is holding baby in the crock of her elbow while daddy holds big sister on his hip. Sister is leaning forward to kiss momma who is standing facing her next to daddy.

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