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The Unexpected Beauty of Photo Sessions in Indiana's Winter & Early Spring: Snow & Red Buds

engagement and couples photographer photographed in indiana's winter and early spring

Guys I am the ABSOLUTEE worst. I was chatting with a client on the phone and we were talking about winter and early spring sessions. She was pumped, I was pumped - energy was FLOW'in.

Then I was like here let me send you some links to some of my favorite sessions I've shot this time of year to help you decide on the best location fit. Then I hopped on over to the Hashtag Memories Blog page and IT WASN'T THERE.

I was like what... no that can't be, these are some of my favorite sessions I've ever shot. So I dug a little deeper. And guess what... they were nowhere to be found.

Nowhere because I never freakin' blogged about them. See... told you, I'm the worst. How the heck did that NEVER happen?!

So here I am now, mad at myself for never sharing and FINALLY taking the opportunity to do so.

Late Winter and Early Spring are seriously underrated times of year for sessions and specifically couple's sessions or engagement photos.

I know what you're thinking... "What? Winter?! Indiana's winters are so yuck!" And you know what until a few years ago, I'd agree with you. But after spending a few winters shooting, I have to tell ya Sis - that kind of thinking is FLAT wrong.

Now that's not to say that traditional session times aren't beautiful. I mean who doesn't love a beautiful garden in May or summer wildflower fields -- after all, you know I do! But winter and early spring in Indiana offers a really beautiful and unique opportunity for two reasons: Snow Fields & Red Bud Blooms. And both can be absolutely FREAKIN' gorgeous. See for yourself...

engaged couple snuggles during engagement portraits in winter session shot in cicero indiana at park setting with snow

February Winter Snow Fields

Every year here lately it seems the same for Hoosiers, over and over. Dec has weirdly warm weather, January is cold and windy and then in February snow dumps from the skies as if out of nowhere. But it's always February.

And yes, I mean sure, we may get a little flurry here and there in December and January but if you're dreaming of white fields coated in snow, then shooting in February should be your target.

Pro Tip: Winter Session Outfits & How to Keep Warm

Always wear thermals under your clothes if you're not going to be sporting a statement coat with your look. This will help keep you warm and keep you from turning pink (from the chill) as we shoot. When planning your look consider neutral (whites, creams, oatmeal colors) - yet textured oversized sweaters paired with bold color accents, velvet, fur and sequins textures. Another cute option is to add a knitted pom-pom hat & fingerless gloves which is also one of my all time favorite touches to any winter session. It's adorable every time! Textured black tights can also help pulled a more posh look together! Just remember to wear either nude leggings under them (for warmth) or opt for fleece lined tights so you don't freeze while we are shooting.

early spring engagement session with bride to be in white and blue maxi dress with red buds

March Red Bud Bloom

Not much for snow but still trying to shoot early in the year? Or just really love the fresh feel that comes with spring? You're not alone.

Let me start by saying I've planted SO MANY FREAKIN' daffodils & tulips at our new place this year that I too am eagerly awaiting spring's arrival. If you've ever spent any time planting a spring garden, you probably know that spring is signaled in the following order here in Indiana: first tiny little crocuses bloom. Then the daffodils in early April, followed by the tulips in April/May. And always in the order! But you know what else blooms early with those tiny little crocuses? Red Buds Trees! So every year, as I'm running the kiddo to school or to and from her activities, I'm always staring down the woods just off the side of the road waiting for the first signs of their color and thus SPRINGS arrival!

couple in white and blue outfits snuggle for portrait in front of spring blooming pear tree in central indiana field

It would be a lie if I didn't say that I've always loved these trees. I can def. get the winter blues so any sign of spring is always a welcome site for me. But last year I finally found a great little spot to shoot sessions with them and now it might just be one of my all time favorite spots to shoot. The little purple blooms on these trees are just so vivid and hearty that you really have about two weeks to take advantage of their peek. They look heavenly and whimsical while still rockin' those boho vibes you know we love to help you capture.

So there ya have it... I told ya! Are they not beautiful times to shoot or what? And one more quick pro tip for this time of year...

Late Winter/Early Spring Family Sessions - Kiddo Age Matters

It's also worth noting that Family sessions with older children can also be a great fit for this time of year. But I do mean older kiddos. The ground in these areas can be muddy from time to time and the cold is always something we have to plan for. Little kiddos just don't tolerate the cold as well as big kids - not to mention keeping out of the mud so momma doesn't lose her mind. lol.

xo -c


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