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My Bestie Just Got Engaged: Here's What I'm Sharing With Her As A Wedding Pro | Venue Shopping

bride in her wedding gown getting ready with maid of honor in the bridal suite on her wedding day

Helps To Have a Bestie Who Does It Professionally...

Guys ---- one of my Besties just got engaged!

It's one of those things where we're friends with BOTH the bride and groom so the fact that this thing is officially -OFFICIAL- has me grinning like a fool because they are SO DAMN WELL MATCHED FOR EACHOTHER!

So anyways... after the happy dance and showing me the SMALL PLANET she's now sporting on her finger (I mean did he STEAL PLUTO from the sky??! -- good job him!) our texts started turning from "OH HECK YES!" into "Oh hell, I don't know how to plan a wedding?!" lol. But 'yall - we go this, right?!

And as a seasoned pro, here's what I told her

...and as your Photography Bestie, What I'm Sharing With You

  1. Keep an eye on the Bridal Suite: The More Natural Light the better. Same goes for the Groom’s Suite. Natural light and big windows always creates a timeless look as you get ready for your wedding day. If you fall in love with a venue that doesn't have a lot of natural light - be sure to let your photographer know so they can plan around it. (h-e-l-l-o flash 🫶)

  2. Look for a venue with some property or that has open shade. If you have an outside wedding, no one wants their guests melting in the sun. Additionally your wedding photographer will likely need open shade for your portraits if you have an early ceremony time like 3pm. The grounds and shade provides reprieve for your guests and adds to the shooting locations available for your gallery. Win/win.

  3. Be sure to clarify exactly what the Venue’s Coordinator does the *THE DAY OF* the wedding. Don’t assume here. It gets more couples in trouble then anything else I've seen. So before you book, consider asking questions like…

    • Is the bridal suite open and available the whole time we're on property?

    • Does your team cut the cake for our guests? Is there an additional cutting fee for this?

    • Who sets ups the ceremony area and décor?

    • Who sets up any DIY décor?

    • Who puts out and arranges details like party favors and the guest book?

    • Does the venue allow REAL candles? What about open flame?

    • Is there access to a big fridge for our cake upon delivery?

    • If we have rain whose is responsible for changing the set up to accommodate the rain back up plan we have in place?


Bonus Tip: After checking out the venue itself, ask follow up questions via email instead of phone so that if there is turn over in staff at the venue you have your answers in writing if you need them.


And that's what she and I are talking about these days as she tours Indy Wedding Venues for her big day next year. I can't wait to see where she picks! And to hear what you're planning too!

Planning your own Big Day and Want to Chat Details?


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