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What time of day do You Schedule Sessions? Part 2: Studio Sessions & Newborns

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

indianapolis studio session of mommy and me, mom holding baby in boho headband and dress

If you've already dug into Part 1: Outdoor Shooting then you know that the answer to "when do you shoot" can be a tricky one to answer because there are so many variants with the biggest being WHAT TIME OF YEAR IS IT and the second being HOW OLD IS THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN YOUR GROUP.

But what about when we shoot indoors for studio mini sessions or in-home (aka Lifestyle) Newborn Sessions? Here's the break down:

boho mommy and me studio photo session in tipton, mother laying on bed with dried flower headband holding baby daughter

Shooting The HTM STUDIO in Tipton, Indiana

As you may imagine shooting in the studio allows for the photographer to control far more variants than shoot outdoors. For instance, I can control how much light is let into the studio meaning that sunrise and sunset times no longer set the limits for these sessions. Childcare however does... at least for the time being. With it currently being the academic school year, studio sessions are currently available Tuesday-Thursdays at 11am with an additional Sunday option here and there.

That said, I'm not sure what summer hours will look like yet as far as studio hours, but rest assured I'm working through that now. I can tell you that again, they will be based on week-day mornings with an occasional Saturday as well. How many per week and the precise time of each is still currently in the air.

Curious about these new studio sessions? Check out Maggie and Nicci's shoots with their kiddos here.

...Sunrise and sunset times no longer set the limits for these sessions.

at home lifestlye newborn session in fishers Indiana, mother holds baby daughter in recliner wearing pink baby wrap and boho baby headband

Newborn Photo Sessions: In Home vs Posed Newborn Packages

In previous years, clients have been gracious enough to welcome us into their homes to help celebrate the arrival of their child. I've got to meet some wonderful families all across central Indiana and I wouldn't trade it for the world. In-home (aka "Lifestyle") Newborn sessions give a unique vibe and allow families the comforts of staying home during those first few weeks together, while still capturing the beauty of life together.

That said, I'm also excited to share that HTM will also be adding posed studio newborn sessions to our offerings starting summer 2022 at our new studio space in Tipton!

Although different then in-home sessions, posed newborn sessions give a different vibe and are a more traditional way of shooting classic newborn photos. (ie. think posing pillows, buckets, colored blankets, bonnets, etc. like in the shot below)

posed newborn photo shoot of baby boy in Kokomo, Indiana

Week Day Sessions will be the norm starting around 11am with some weekend options sprinkled in here and there.

So that's it. The when-s and why-s we shoot when we do and what to expect when looking at shooting with Hashtag Memories photography. Of course there are also always the one-offs that occur from time to time, typically due to weather. But all in all that's the skinny.

Easy as pie... right?


Looking for the info on shooting outside instead? Check Out Part 1: Shooting Outdoor Family, Couples & Engagement Sessions, here.


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