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Winter Engagement Session, A Snowy New Years Eve Shoot for Jen & Jacob | Noblesville, IN

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As New Years rolls around every year we look to the future and yet often saying goodbye can be a bit bitter sweet. But considering 2020 was the year that straight out tried to jump the shark due to wild fires, a global shut down , killer hornets and well... you know it all. , I suspect most of us were counting down the minutes until we could put 2020 in the rear view mirror and hoped like hell that 2021 would go at least somewhat smoother. Right?

Noblesville winter engagement session, snow falling, couple plans indy wedding at maple lane

I'm pretty sure Jen and Jacob were on the same wave link too...

The two had raced into town right after the Christmas holiday to spend time with friends and family before returning to Missouri, facing 2021 together. But the hours of travel and newly falling heaps of snow was not to be outdone by this whirl wind of a trip!

With such a limited window of time home (they are both from the Noblesville area) and such competition over 2021 Wedding dates Jen spun into town -- newly engaged -- and immediate set to finding a location for their upcoming nuptials. The two had only recently moved out west for Jacob's job so for them an Indiana wedding was a must.

couple enbraces during engagement photos at noblesville location shoot

Not only was Jen & Jacob doing a final walk through on #weddingvenues while they were here, they also opted to go DRESS shopping AND shoot their engagement session on this whirl wind trip. A busy, busy couple!

After the first day of dress shopping Jen had it narrowed down to a few options but still hadn't #saidyestothedress . She was getting worried if they'd be able to complete all they needed to do while they were here. So on a chilly, yet beautifully snowy New Years Eve we took her mind off all the pressures of wedding planning and simply went out to play in the snow. .

At the park it was just Jen, Jacob, myself and a few ridiculously cute & furry party crashers...

I don't know about you but I always love seeing deer while we're out shooting. As the snow fell, the park was quiet. When I pulled up I noticed a large group of deer starting to enter the area we'd be shooting in. Their faces were SUPER furry from putting on their winter coats with little tuffs tucked under each ear. So stinking cute!

couple kisses during engagement session in noblesville from indiana wedding photographer

So, as any good adventure goes, we opted to dance around our furry audience through out the entire session and at a few points they were even chillin' right Jen and Jacob, enjoying an easy meal late in the season.

And yes, for those of you who are waiting on a caught breath... after the session - the next day, Jen did in fact get to say #sayyestothe dress while she was here.

I got a text from her a day or two after the session. After going back to the boutiques with Mom and some girls, she she landed on "the one" after trying it on again. And Sis, let me tell ya -- just the quick snap shot of her in it blew me away! I can't wait for you (and Jacob) to see her in it later this June at Maple Lane Pavilion.


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