5x Simple Tips To Help Family Photos Go Smoothly | Noblesville Photographer Shares

tips to help family photos go smoothly, Hamilton county family photographer

It's no secret that juggling kids and (let's be honest...sometimes a less than enthusiastic partner) for family photos can be tough. Since coordinating outfits, getting everyone into the car and arriving on time anywhere can be challenging -- and even more so when you're trying to look good. I mean there is only so many times one can tell their children to put on their shoes... am I right?!

I mean look, I totally get it. My family before a photo session honestly looks like a complete sh*t show getting out the door. And I know I can't be alone in that -- right?! Especially since I recognize that same desperate look on so many other Momma's faces from time to time.

But like with many things in life, a little pre-planning can go a long way to help mitigate some of the stress and fears you might be having about an upcoming family session. After all, it's not just about arriving on time... it's about slowing down to make capture the moments together that will last a life time, right?!

5 Tips On How To Prep For An Upcoming Family Photo Session with Kids

1) Think Outside The Box: Consider Spring Date Options To Keep Bedtime, On Time.

If you like a photographer's style and want to work with them, but they tell you they only schedule family sessions around sunset hours, consider a spring or fall session instead. Sunsets in April, May, October and November still offer beautiful scenery, but benefit from a much earlier sunset time than say, June which tends to be around 9:15pm.

You'll also benefit from the cooler weather that comes with these earlier sunset times as well, which means less sweat, less grumpiness and less general irritability from the kiddos AND your honey.