6 Family Shoot Locations | Indy Family Photography: Red Barns to Natural Spots

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

From urban vibes to earthy romance, central Indiana is a gold mind of shooting locations, textures and light for family photography sessions in any season... you just have to know where to look.

Pro Tip: Before selecting your next session location, consider your family's style. Do you have young or school aged children that will need to run off some energy during the shoot? Or perhaps you have teens that will clam up in overly public locations? All of these things as well as personality, hobbies and interests should be considered as you make a selection. Your photographer should also be able to "read" your style from interactions and will likely make a suggestion or two of their own.

1. Coxhall Gardens

A long time favorite of local brides and neighborhood walkers, Coxhall Gradens is a beautiful city park with a diverse landscape. From tall ringing bell towers to a Roman-Inspired outdoor amphitheater complete with done and columns, this park has something for everyone!

Pro Tip: The willows and board walk make for some amazing mid to late summer sessions around golden hour for tots and teens alike!

2. The Ambassador House

Known for its beautiful white vintage porch and well manicured garden and patios, this Fishers park is an ideal location for a traditional, American As Apple Pie shoots. This also makes it an amazing spot in the winter months as well,