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Becca & Tommy | Out of Town Bride & Groom Jet Set For Indiana Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Coxhall gardens with couple kissing during engagement session on green grass.

Planning a wedding is a busy job, but this Lady is planning a wedding, detangling a big company project and due to said project - having to live several states away from her honey! Umm can someone tell me if they've ever seen Becca and Superwoman in the SAME room before? 'Cause I think not...

Matter of fact, Becca & Tommy are so busy that the couple have even purchased their 1st home together but have yet to both live in it, at the same time, as of yet. Isnt' life funny that way.

So after Becca and Tommy reached out and secured HTM for their November Wedding at 3 Fat Labs , in Greencastle, Indiana, we all knew we'd need to start planning their engagement session ASAP to make sure we could get everyone at the same place (or I should say the same state) at the same time. Especially with this being an destination wedding for them (neither live/are currently working projects in Indiana).

So a few weeks ago on a warm May evening, Becca, Tommy and I stole some time to shoot their engagement session.

And, yes they both arrived on different plains, but the couple made a weekend of it traveling in to Indiana for Mother's Day weekend as well.

indiana engaged couple holding hands wearing cream, brown and orange colors. Showcases a large rectangle engagement ring

And boy let me tell ya, with them being in Indiana for such a small window of time, I was like weather-app stalker checking it every few hours the week leading up to the session itself.

But if need be, Becca and I had talked and we had a plan! We decided to optimize the time we'd have together by planning a couple different times we COULD shoot incase weather was bad while they were in town.

So when Friday rolled around and the skies were supposed to be clear, we set the time for Saturday evening know that if something crazy happened and we got rained out, we'd still have two chances Sunday to shoot instead. After all they couldn't have flown all the way out here and then our session be a wash - nope, nope, nope.

I was NOT allowing that to happen! Even if it was poring rain we would have slipped downtown to a beautiful, modern covered outdoor area that would have worked nicely as well.

But either way, their plains arrived, the weather held out and Mother's Day was spent with family. Don't you just love it when everything goes according to plan?

woman wearing bolticborn dress in spring blooming trees with her husband-to be, saying skirt about during enagagement photos by indiana photographer
Indiana custom jeweler made Rectangle diamond halo engagement ring

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