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Updated: May 15, 2020

Meet the newest addition to the Brothers’ family!

I first met this awesome couple last year when we met up in Carmel to do a family shoot. Check it out here. During the shoot mom shared that she had just found out she was pregnant AND to top it all off they were about ready to pick up & move their entire life to Brownsburg, In.

So a few months later when I got the call that Baby Beckett had arrived, I was so excited to see how this new family of 4 had settled in to their new lives. But what these two DIDN’T tell me was not only did they move – but they moved into a HISTORIC home. Seriously, a couple after my own heart!

My dream has always been to own and restore a Victorian Farm House (like way before Joanna Gaines came onto the scene). I LOVE old homes. Big homes. Curvy staircase, wood accented, plaster walls – old homes. Swoon.

So when I arrived and knocked on the door you better believe I was in HEAVEN when I saw all the giant windows and the space we’d have to work with! Not to mention there was 4” of fresh powdery snow on the ground which was acting as a natural reflector, lighting up classic rooms & providing the moodiness that dreams (or at least MY dreams) are made of. Check it out.

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