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Engagement Session with Spring Blooms in Noblesville, Indiana | Lindsey & Chad

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

biltwell wedding couple poses for engagement photos together in early spring in front of white blooming trees wearing blue and white coordinated couples' outfit with preppy vibe

It's time to start remedying so many of last year's sessions that simply never hit the blog due to our move. Man, buying a house is stressful stuff - especially when you're selling and buying at the same time. But as I started thinking about where to start, as I play a bit of catch-up this year, Lindsey & Chad's beautiful engagement session in the red bud trees seemed like the perfect place to settle in. (Especially since there is a giant snowstorm currently raging outside my office window.)

Ahhh.... spring. The time of year when winter is finally rolling back it's clutches and new life, new color and a new year really kicks off.

And nothing (at least IMHO) screams spring like the burst of those nearly fluorescent pink and violet buds of a red bud, reawakening from it's winter slumber. (Cue my inner gardening and flower junkie "ohhhs and ahhhs" here)

couple dances and plays under blooming red bud trees in central indiana during an engagement photo shoot with hashtag memories photography, blue and white couples outfits for spring and easter

I mean just look at the backdrop these early blooming beauties make for couples and families adventuresome enough to break out of the house a little earlier in the season to experience something so timeless and breathtaking. The rewards are always great: the color is gorgeous, the snuggles real and the moments...simply breathtaking.

Builtwell Wedding bride and groom during spring engagement photos, wearing blue and white coordinating couples outfits with maxidress for engagement photo shoot

Not to mention... if we manage to get lucky and get to greet the (stinky but beautiful) Pear Tree blooms towards the end of March/beginning of April...

And when that happens... and they work together... well you wouldn't believe me even if I told you... so why don't I -SHOW YOU- instead?

Indy engaged couple holds hands, walking through wild flower field in early spring wearing blue and white coordinating outfits and maxi dress styled for cooler weather
engaged to be married couple poses for wedding photography in blue and white coordinating couples outfits during spring and Easter engagement photo shoot

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