First Looks: Pros, Cons & Alternatives in 2021, A Guide For The Planning Bride

Updated: Feb 16

Bride and Groom during Frist Look, summer wedding at maple lane pavilion in Arcadia, IN

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So you’ve officially dove into wedding planning, huh Sis?

...And now as you start collecting ideas, dreaming about wearing the dress and starting to think about timelines – the question pops up. Should we do a first look?

If you’re the main force planning your wedding, which I’m guessing you are since you're here, I bet your SO's (significant other) response sounded something like “huh?” or “what? I thought it as a down the aisle thing" -- grooms. Pshhh. 🤣

But I hear ya, it’s a big question that only you two can really answer. There’s a lot of pros and cons that one could argue – and even better, some alternatives options for those who don’t find themselves strongly on one side or the other of the coin. So here’s some things to think about as you dream up the big day and whether or not a first look is in – or out.

First Look: Why You Should Do One

There are several great arguments in favor of first-look moments, some of the most popular include: