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Indy Family Photography | Gallery In Hand, Now What? Part 1

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Congratulations! You are the new owner of a lovely family gallery. You made a great personal connection with your photographer. They were able to capture wonderful, warm photos of your family that totally capture your husband's sideways smile and the twin's love/hate relationship. {Moms...she's touching me!}

...but now what?

baby nursery ideas in album by family photographer HashTag Memories Photography

Print Them! Please, for the love of God. Print them.

It doesn't have to be expensive, overwhelming or super time consuming. And better yet, you can totally DIY it.

Join me on this 2 pt series to learn how...


There are MANY choices when it comes to DIY albums on the market today, but in my opinion, very few deliver on the quality for the price you pay. One that does howerver, at least in my opinion, is I adore them! Here's why...


1) Layflat Albums: What is it? Think of your wedding album or a toddler's board book. The pages are thick and set to remove the remove the crease that the "gutter" typically makes due to the binding of the spine.

This gives your albums a high end look as well as provides durability for the years to come. They also offer several paper types whether you prefer a matte/gloss finish or perhaps a pearl finish for those fancier occasions.

2) Easy Autofill Tool | Great Time Saver: Not sure how to group images together? Or just don't have the time to cherry pick placement? The #Mixbook #Autofill tool places your images into predetermined layouts for you. Simply select your favorite book style and load the images.

Pro Tip: For constancy in scenery, just load the images in order of the gallery. Then let the tool do the heavy lifting.

easy to use album builders blog post for quality DIY albums by HashTag Memories

3) Great Value For Quality of Printing: So I'm kindof a nerd when it comes to print quality. But I'll keep it simple here. You've heard about the "4 Cs" of diamonds...and you know that not all diamonds, even if the same "weight" are the same quality.

The same goes for printing...

If you want your blacks, black -- not purple...if you want your blues and yellows to look crisp smooth then go with #Mixbook. I've heard #Blurb is good as well, but in my experience #Mixbook has recently up'ed their game providing exceptional color and smoothness.

4) Did somebody say Coupons? Yes please!

I swear this company can ready my mind! Not only are the books affordable, but they run discounts all the time! And since layfloat albums are a bit more expensive (start around $59) than traditional books, I always hold my order until they run a 40-50%+ off deal.

They always have something going, but if you can wait for a holiday, you'll get the best discounts...including bank holidays like President's Day and Columbus Day!

Totally worth the wait. Don't you agree?

mixbook coupon codes shared by HashTag Memories for DIY album creation for family photos

5) Leave a legacy. Floppy disks are out dated. Computers crash. Print is the only thing that remains as time marches on.

To me, this is by far the MOST IMPORTANT reason to create albums. Your family's memories are something that should be accessible.

If you have ever sat with Grandma and looked through old photos, thumbed through a year book or enjoyed seeing a Facebook #Timehop then honey, an album is for you.

Why do we spend the time, money and effort to capture our family's photos? that one day when our babies are big, when our grandchildren want a laugh or when we loose someone we love, we have the ability to recapture a moment, a feeling, a memory. In the's really the only thing we have.

engagement and family photographer in Fishers shot by HashTag Memories in lifestyle


Real Life. Real Moments. Real Memories. | Lifestyle Photography That Fits The Family Budget. #HashTagMemories is an #Indy based #LifestyleStylePhotographer that specialize in working with families of all ages to capture the real life moments, personalities & relationships that make every family unique, while respecting the family's budget. | #HashTagMemories #IndyFamilyPhotography #IndyLifestylePhotography #HTMQuickShot #IndyPhotographyLocations

This is NOT a paid product review and is solely based on my experience as a customer of the various companies listed above.

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