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Gruszcyk - Hatton | Urban Jungle Vibes in Westfield, Indiana | Columbus Couple's Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Columbus Indiana couple's engagment session, zoom in on woman's hand with engagement ring sitting in groom-to-be's back jean pocket. Engagement ring is vintage in style, shaped as round flower and purchased from a local Columbus, Indiana jeweler.

'Yall this is the couple that I shared about on Stories. Do you remember? The couple I asked if they felt adventurous for their session and once they said yes, I was all like -

"Awesome, then let's meet up at the end of a dead end road across from a Cemetery around sunset!"

Remember now? Yep. That's them, meet Josh and Carissa! These two drove up a few weeks ago from Columbus, Indiana for their engagement session during sunset in one of the coolest, most inspiring locations I've shot at, in a while. And let me tell ya it was good both for their photos and my soul. Well worth the cemetery - lol.

But apparently unlike me and this location, for these two it was NOT always passion & fireworks.

Far from it as when Carissa & Josh first met it was FAR from Love at First Sight...

So 'yall, this is a lesson -- don't rule out people you meet in college that you dislike or don't instantly connect with as they could end up being your one and only. (lol)

couple in mid 20s during engagement photo shoot in westfield, indiana. Girl is being given a piggy back. She wears a white lace shirt and jeans, he wears a black and white buffalo check long sleeve and jeans with white undershirt. Background in an urban jungle setting in Westfield Indiana at sunset

So, according to Carissa the couple met during her first day at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana but Josh rubbed her the wrong way right off the get-go. They then both ended up apart of a Christian organization on campus which kept them in proximity to each other.

But eventually, Josh with his BIG personality and spunky charm must have grew on her b/c they finally agreed to hangout thanks to Snap Chat and as the couple says, "the rest was history."

Josh Popped The Question on Ball State University's Grounds In Their Special Spot

For the couple, the engagement itself was super special and a bit telling as Carissa could tell right away that Josh was nervous about something - a quality that is VERY unlike him. He was so nervous that when they went out to eat at their favorite place he didn't eat a bite - and the real tell for him (according to Carissa) is he didn't even bother to order a beer. (lol!)

After dinner the couple headed to their special spot on campus that they call "our steps" which is where all of their big moments have centered around: long talks, break ups, good memories, etc.

So at dinner when Josh told Carissa that he had a specials surprise for her is was starting to put 2 &2 together especially when he said they had to go to "their steps" to pick it up.

But then when driving to campus Josh did something weird, according to Carissa he parked in the most random spot - super far away from the steps, themselves. He then hands Carissa his phone and says "here check this out while I run and get the surprise."

As it turns out the video was a mix of friends and family sharing how excited they were for her because, as she/they put it "today was the big day."

Soon after finishing the video Carissa walked over to the couple's specials spot and Josh had decorated the railings with flowers and candles; the works! There was even a little wicker basket with rocks and a balloon attached, making a hot air balloon, which she had shared was always her dream proposal spot.

Then he popped the question to which she of course said "yes."

But the surprises kept coming!

Josh had planned for their friends and family to be near so that they could celebrate the engagement together once the big moment happened. He had their parents and besties waiting in the parking lot (watching of course) and when she said yes, everyone exploded in pure joy! What a guy...

floral diamond engagement ring sits in couple's hands during engagement phot session. Ring sits on top of flower pear tree leave. Bride to be's finger nails painted periwinkly, hands are stacked with his on bottom and hers on top.
young couple in their 20s kissing in the middle of an urban jungle setting. she is pulling him to her for the kiss. Background overgrowth of wild plants taking over a concreate area with sunset in background.. Bride to be is wearing a white off the shoulder lace shirt with jeans and brown sandles. Groom to be wearing black and white buffalo plaid and jeans with vans
engaged couple kissing in an overgrown field with trees. Blue sky behind them as the sunsets. Stealing away a private moment during their engagement photos shot in central indiana.
couple sitting in over grown field surrounded by pear trees, kissing with the sunset behind them. Engagement photo session for couple loving black, white and jeans vibe
mid 20s engaged couple snuggles in field, wrapped up in each other's arms. Bride to be looking down with groom to be kissing the side of her forehead. Couple is wearing black and white with jeans for their engagement photo shoot
couple kisses in urban jungle setting with bright sunset behind them. Boho vibes as they kiss, she wears a white off the shoulder shirt with jeans and sandles. he wears long sleeve black and white buffalo plaid with 50s style eye glasses

Josh & Carissa's Planned Wedding Vendors for their wedding in Columbus, Indiana



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