HTM Personal Life Update + Etchison Kiddos Chase Sunset In Indy Summer Time Fields

Updated: Feb 16

Indianapolis Family Photographer, Little Girl during summer time picnic with clover flower

If you follow us on social, you may have noticed I've been a bit down and more quiet this week.

So here's the dets. Let's chat shall we?

Our family has been actively looking for a Indiana Victorian Farmhouse in Central Indiana for some time now (aka months) . We've been to Danville. We've been to Ladoga, we've looked north towards Kokomo and east towards Lapel. And girl -- if I'm honest. I'm getting tired. The check list is long: a little land, a historic house with updated wiring & plumbing and then MOST importantly (and also the item that is turning out to be the HARDEST aspect...) GOOD SCHOOLS.

The inventory is SO limited. And a few days ago, when we thought we had found it we got pushed out of the conversations by the seller's realtor who simply decided to never respond until they agreed on an offer with someone else. Not, a word despite many attempts by our awesome realtor.

Not to mention, the cherry on top -- I was so sure we were making an offer that I even broke the news to my parents. Who we are close to. And are on vacation. Who I knew would hate the idea. So yeah... there's that too. Ugh.

Now all we can do it wait. Wait to see if the other family backs out or if something unforeseen happens putting the house back up on the market. (I know, I know - first world problems, okay. But that doesn't make it any less of a blow to our personal dreams).

But when things don't go as planned or take a turn away from the dream, it's time to hunker down.

And in my case, that means letting the other things fall a way and focus on the most important things in my little corner of the universe: shooting, editing AND focusing on my kid. So with that... how abo