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Juday Family | Fall Family Photos Outside Cicero, Indiana | Fall Wildflowers & All The Vibes

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

little boy standing near rustic fence post during fall with wildflowers during family photos with hashtag memories photography at Strawtown Koteewi Park

Every year when I get to see this little guy I'm reminded that yet another year has passed. I've been lucky enough to know the Juday family for about 4 or 5 years now, seeing them annually to catch up and shoot their family's photos.

The first time I met Luke (age 2) he was absolutely obsessed with a little toy figurine of a cow. You know the kind that are about 5" long that you'd see a toddler playing "farm" with.

Looking back now, I must admit I honestly have no idea why it was THE COW that he was obsessed with. I'll have to remember to ask his momma next time. lol. The next two years when I saw him, he was all about dinosaurs.

Then one day a few months later, while taking my own kiddo to the local pool we ran into Luke and his parents and our kiddos hit it off, which of course was adorable. Fast forward through the splashing and giggles - when it was time to leave we were all clipping our kiddos into their car seats. After clipping Luke in his daddy walked around the car (right by ours) laughing. "I was like, what? Something good?!" and he looked dead at me and said "Luke just said Ainsley (my daughter) is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen and she has pretty hair."

We both laughed and went about our ways home, but I thought it was sweet. Later that night when I told Ainz, she (of course) giggled and then started preening herself like an obsessed cockatoo.

These kiddos yall... they are always something else. And man do they change from year to year. It all goes by so fast, doesn't it. Both Luke here and my own kiddo will be off to 1st grade next year and I'm still not even sure how that is possible.

But for now, let's just revel in their little-ness a little longer while we can, shall we?

At least we know this age is now captured in time, so no matter what Luke does next, no matter who he decides to become, we'll always be able to remember that one fall, when he was 5 and loved to do nothing more then snuggle, laugh and wiggle. Always.

little boy stands in tall wild flowers with rustic wire fence behind him, during fall family photos. Wearing red and blue dress shirt with grey fleece vest
parents kiss infront of rustic fall fence with fall color trees in background. Young son up on father's shoulders during family photos in indiana
fall family photo at Strawtown Koteewi Park, couple sits on gravel path with young son in their lap outside Westfield Indiana park, shot by Hashtag Memories Photography and Chelsea Ligoncain
mother snuggles son at her waist in fall wildflower field at sunset during family photo shoot with Indiana photographer, Hashtag Memories Photography


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