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Keeping Warm While Looking Great | A Guide To Cold Weather Photos

Updated: 3 days ago

The cold weather has arrived and keeping warm is easier than you think! It just takes a little pre-planning.

Hey, I'm Chelsea the owner of Hashtag Memories Photography, a family and wedding photographer based out of central Indiana! With the cold weather arriving in the Midwest and the calendar booked out through December it's that time of year to start talking about HOW to keep yourself and your kiddos WARM, even for the smallest sessions.

Indoor and Outdoor Family Christmas Minis are all the rage these days for holiday cards and gift giving - but for those who were unable or simply didn't want to think about the holidays before November (hell-o, I'm with you there!) shooting in the cooler months is often the only option. And sometimes those outside sets are just TOO CUTE to pass up with their vintage cars or tree lot vibes. Which leads us to that million dollar question...

How to keep everyone warm for the cooler month sessions...

The answer is easier than you think! Yes, we want everyone looking great, but we also need kiddos to stay warm so the chattering teeth, pink skin and tears don't sabotage your session. The EASIEST way to do this it to add BASE LAYERS to everyone's look.

A base layer, well known to outdoor enthusiasts and winter sports junkies, is a thin, fitted layer that holds in heat under your clothes without adding bulk. And with today's access to body-heat technology and AMAZON the options are endless.

Ture - it is something additional you're purchasing to prep for the session but these base layers can also be used during sledding, snowman building or visits like Xmas at the ZOO, etc. It's a great item to always have in your dresser that won't let you down on those cold outings.

When it comes to base layers for the cold, check out these options...

Fleece Lined Tights and Leggings are one of my FAVORITE tools in keeping Mommas and Chickadees warm. Only hitting the market a few years ago these are magic - especially the fleece lined tights! You can even get them in the cool patterns traditionally found on pantihose to give your look that boutique charm

(click each image for a direct link)

Baby & Tot Onesies Base Layer is a must for those little ones from babies to tots. These non-bulky underlayers easily fit under your cuties outfits while keeping them warm. It's this age of littles ones that are most susceptible to cold driven tears. By keeping them warm we can head those issues off and keep your little one(s) safe as well.

Base Layer Shirts/Pants is basically the modern take on "long underwear" for families of all shapes, ages, and sizes. However with updates in body heat technology and textile options these items no longer have to be huge and clunky, adding bulk to style or ease of moment.


Use Accessories To Provide An Extra Layer Of Warmth

And yes, yes, you've totally heard me say this before but don't be scared to add warm accessories to your overall look. Items like pom pom hats, duck boots, ear flap hats, scarfs, scrunchy socks, flannel and vests add so much style and charm that they are 100% worth considering.

Pro Tip: Just be sure to avoid coats and OVERLY fluffy vests (hell-o marshmallow man) in your family's look, so no one looks swallowed up by their outfit in your gallery.

For more on cold weather accessories and styling a look that's warm AND cute, check this out.

*These items and links are all simply suggestions. You will have to decide what is right and warm enough for you and your family. We are not paid or affiliated with any of the pics or links provided.

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Or maybe the idea of photos stresses you out? Check out this blog post where I get REAL about how shooting a session of my own kiddo taught me how to help YOU mitigate Mommy Session Stress - or this one where we share basic planning tips & FAQs to help set you up for success on your next shoot.

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