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Matteson & Kyle's Engagement | A Noblesville Session in Winter Fields | Indiana Wedding Photographer

woman in blue plaid dress hold winter wildflower wearing vintage onyx ring and rose gold engagement ring for a detail shot during the couple's engagement photos

Winter Fields Engagement Session | Matteson and Kyle

Sometimes you never know how life's little everyday tasks will work out. Matteson and Kyle met on Facebook when Matteson was trying to sell some items on marketplace.

Texts were exchanged about the item being sold but a few days later they shifted towards friendly chit chat. And to be honest... I have no clue if Kyle actually ever made the purchase from Matteson but one purchase sure did happen here recently: an engagement ring... a wedding band... and all the frills and fraps that go with wedding planning.

Due to be married in May at the Blessing Barn in Lafayette they two sure have come a long way, writing a unique love story that their grandchildren are sure to giggle about.

Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

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