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Nick & Rasela's Country Club Wedding | Ten Year Vow Renewal | Fishers, Indiana

10 year Vow Renewal Kissed With Snow in October

Strength. Resilience. Qualities they say are strong in their bond together. Or at least, according to all the “anniversary gift guides” which suggest the appropriate gift for a 10 year wedding anniversary is tin or aluminum due to these same qualities.

But for Nick and Rasela, a different option was on the table. A better option. Once that would allow them to celebrate the years between them so far, allow them to recommit to their lives together and that could include not only their twins, but their family and friends as well.

At 10 years, these two decided it wasn’t time for a metal gift exchange. No. Instead they opted to renew their commitment to each other with a ceremony and reception at River Glen Country Club in Fishers.

However, I’d be lying if I told you the day went exactly as they planned. The morning of the wedding everyone woke up to find 2” of snow on the ground and big fat snow flakes were still coming down HARD. And it was COLD. Bitter. Cold. Not so ideal for an outside ceremony.

And although the couple had had their hearts set on fall backdrop to their renewal, what they got instead was a beautiful, crisp winter wonderland that ended up only making it that much more special. And made for some truly beautiful portraits.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the beautiful Siva (a Samoan dance) that Rasela opted to do at the reception, embracing her family’s heritage and making for a show stopping moment. Wow!

In the couple's own words...

Rasela saidShe [Chelsea] did a great job…She made us feel comfortable and it was a lot of fun. The pictures came out gorgeous.

She went on after the ceremony itself to share: "it was exactly what we were hoping for. We've had other photoshoots and they usually just ask us to smile, so you don't get a lot of variety in the photos. I was so impressed and in love... Also Chelsea actually touches up the photos! Most of the time when our photographers said editing, it was very minor editing (removing a boo boo on one of our kids) and black and white filter. Her editing skills are so very impressive."

Love this couple as much as we do and want to see more?

Check out their early spring “engagement” session here. Rasela wore a stunning white dress and the trees were in full bloom! Absolute perfection.


Nick & Rasela's Vow Renewal Vendors | Fishers, Indiana

Ceremony & Reception Venue: River Glen Country Club Photographer: Hashtag Memories Photography


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