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Randall Family | Summer Sunrise & Wildflower Family Photos in Cicero, Indiana

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

family photo session, family wearing blues, whites and pink. Mom holds little girl while snuggled next to dad, with dad holding son's hand. Bright pink and purple sunrise behind them as they stand in a wildflower field in cicero, indiana

Sure, sunset sessions can be challenging getting out of bed is never fun for anyone. But I mean... h-e-l-l-o.

A Wednesday morning?! Yep, Wednesday. I've shot many sunrise sessions on the weekends, but I have to admit when Andrea chose a Wednesday sunrise it threw me for a loop. I swear I set about 6x alarms for the session since it was just so out of the norm.

All in all though, there really are some great perks to sunrise sessions that are often overlooked:

1) Little kids tend to be early risers or at least better at mornings then late evenings

2) In the summer months, mornings tend to be a much cooler time of day

3) Rarely do people have scheduling conflicts that 1 or 2 hrs of PTO can't fix, that early in the morning.

4) Really starts the day off on a good note, when you've spent your morning playing with your family and enjoying a staggering sunrise, first hand before headed off to work or with the rest of your day.

And finally... of course... the SUNRISE color, itself.

toddler girl stands in wildflower field at sunrise wearing a summer lace dress. Her hair has a small bow pulling her bangs to one side and light blond ringlet curls surround.
family stands in wildflower field at sunrise in cicero indiana for family photos. Mother in white summer dress holds daughter on her hip, her husband at her side holding their son's hand, surrounded by queen ann's lace
Indiana mother snuggles son in wildflower field. child is elementary school age and still enjoying mom's attention.
little girl in pink lace summer dress during family photo session. her hair is pulled to the side with a white bow and blonde ringlet curls.
little girl in wildflower field during family photos. she wears a pink lace summer dress and stands next to a vintage bottle box
family stands in wildflower during sunrise in Westfield Indiana for family photos
Mother holds son on her lap in a wildflower field at sunrise during family mini photo session by hashtag memories photography

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