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Sherer Family Photos From Fall | Family of 4 Laughs & Smiles The Session Away in Cicero, Indiana

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

family photo session with mother and daughters snuggling in fall wildflower filed in Tipton at Central Indiana park

I've been talking so much about weddings lately, how about we switch gears to this beautiful family session we shot this past fall in Cicero, Indiana.

This hard working, beautiful Momma of 2 and her very sweet hubby joined us out in the fall fields for a session back in October...

or maybe it was November. My memory is a bit fuzzy today... lol.

As I seem to recall, it was after we had just received a ton of rain earlier in the week and when we arrived at the spot someone had put up "high water" signs. I remember thinking, "there is no way this place is flooded" as we parked and started walking back to my secret spot. And lucky enough, I was right. You can imagine how relieved I was when I saw the ground was nice and dry and the water was all where it was supposed to be... in the lake.

But I digress... this Momma and her family really were troopers walking down the long gravel path to our spot. Typically, we get to park much closer, but as I said, the water signs were up which meant a big metal gate also blocked our path to drive down for the day.

cicero family of four pose snuggle and smile during family photoshoot during fall, next to farm fencing infront of lake with trees in full autumn color at sunset

And when I say troopers, I mean it...

Daddy was smart and had brought the stroller for little man which was a great way to keep him warm as well -- but Momma hiked the path in heels, with a newly healed ankle from having foot surgery.

All in all though, once we got back to where we were going we were able to let the kiddos run a bit and enjoy some family time together.

Ya know, childhood moves SO damn fast these days. I remember as a kid thinking that the school day lasted FOREVER and that summer would NEVER end... but these days, being a Mom myself, man do they FLY.

Daughter and mother in blue coordinating outfits sit in a field while laughing together. Daughter sitting on mother's lap tummy to tummy with wildflowers and dried grasses around them sitting on lace blanket in Kokomo Family Photoshoot

As we were shooting, Momma even reminded me of a mini session I had shot with them a few years prior when their daughter was a baby and I had just started shooting sessions for clients. Once I put two and two together - I was shocked. I couldn't believe THAT MUCH TIME had gone by since seeing them and beginning my first steps into business for myself. It's funny how it all works out in the end...

And how everything comes 'round.

mom and dad during family photo shoot with their two children: a toddler boy and a young school aged girl. Family wears coordinating green and navy outfits while shooting in full fall color in wildflower fields, near a lake in Cicero, Indiana.
dad and daughter tickle, laugh and play during family photos as mom and little brother look on. Family is standing in the middle of a fall wildflower field with bright blue sky and bold colors from central indiana fall trees

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